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May 18,2009

Episode 24 Remember Me as a Time of Day Reaction

Posted by Amy with 132 Comments

Best episode ever.  Ever. Ever. Ever.  Ok, not ever.  But put the Pilot and that episode together and it might be the only One Tree Hill I’ll ever need.


Every single scene we (Heather and I) were freaking out or awwweing or almost crying or clapping or laughing or cheering.  It was an amazing ride that quite honestly should be the series finale.

Every single person got what they wanted and honestly what else is there?  What could they possibly come up with for Season 7 that could anywhere close to compare?  I may officially start boycotting for the show to end which honestly?  Never thought I could get to that point.

So many good things in this episode.  I really don’t think I’ll get them all down.

Sawyer Brooke Scott?  Perfection.
Lucas saying Daddy’s got you? Perfection.
Lucas and Karen on the front porch?  Oh my goodness.  How handsome Lucas has become.  He literally has turned into a man.  How scared and unsure of himself he was back then.  Worried about his mother.  And he still was a little unsure of being a father but not in a weak sort of way.  Just that omg, I have a child now what that all parents feel.  And Karen was there to back him up.  It was so beautiful to see them together.  That scene for sure was my favorite out of the whole episode.  Perfection.
Victoria coming WAY out of character to tell Brooke what she needed? Perfection.  Although I do have to say it was kind of weird for her to talk about being in love with someone other than Brooke’s father.  Hmm.  Anyway.  We’ll call it Perfection.
Mouth announcing Nathan going to the NBA to Jamie?  Perfection.
Brooke finally letting Julian in?  Perfection.
Whitey coming back?  Perfection.
Lucas and Peyton driving off in the Comet? Perfection.  And let me say…Heather and I were freaking out because that scene where they drive off at the end…that’s the scene that Mark was scouting out when we met him at the RC.  Ahhhh!

Man, someone stop me!!  I don’t mean to belabor the point but WOW, that was an amazing episode!

Is it just me or should that be series finale?  Was it as good as Heather and I think?  What were your favorite parts?

May 11,2009

Episode 23 Forever and Almost Always Reaction

Posted by Amy with 56 Comments

Finally, finally, finally.  Peyton Sawyer is Peyton Scott.  I LOVE that it’s official.  But as a die hard fan I’m going to have to break it down.

What I really loved:

  • They both looked gorgeous.  No bad Lucas hair. LOL
  • Haley officiating
  • The location.  Pretty sure I’ve told Podcaster Denise on several occasions I would love for it to be at that lake.  Loved how they had it decorated.
  • Haley talking about the lake and how Lucas had loved her all that time.  Loved. that.
  • Loved Lucas’ vows.  Especially that he had loved her from the moment he saw her and how he always would.
  • Loved Peyton saying she her and their baby would adore him.

Going to be honest here and say what I didn’t love:

  • OK, it’s finally time for me to rant a bit on this subject.  It irks me to no end that Peyton is pregnant at the wedding.  It feels like a shotgun wedding and in no way does that feel fairy tale to me.  It’s supposed to be a fairy tale, Mark!
  • I didn’t like her dress.  It was ok from waist up (all 3 inches of it).  But I didn’t like how it was short.  I wanted it to be long.  Her chickety legs were sticking out from her big belly covered by a short wedding dress.  LOL  Sorry, I know that’s harsh but I just didn’t like it.
  • All the interruptions…Brooke, Skills, Haley using Every Rose Has Its Thorn.  I don’t know, it was cute and funny and I laughed and I get that it was One Tree Hill-ish I guess but I don’t know, I wanted to cry and I was too busy with the distractions to cry!
  • I wanted Karen there!

OK, whew, got that off my chest.  As for the rest of the stuff going on:

  • Jamie’s scenes actually seemed a little forced tonight. I’m usually a big fan but I think I could have done without them. The leash thing was funny though.
  • Nathan’s line to Lucas about listening to whatever he said at Lindsey’s wedding was hilarious.
  • Nathan and Haley!  OMG!  Slutty wedding sex!  Rock on, Naley!  The bad part though is my station cut in with an amber alert so I could see what was going on but couldn’t hear!  Darnit!  Thank goodness for YouTube.  Someone have the link for that yet??
  • I know I’ve said it like a bazillion times. but I LOVE JULIAN!  Brooke and him were so funny tonight.  It was nice to see a feisty Brooke back.  And Julian was so sweet telling Peyton he missed her.  And Julian and Nick were hilarious.  Loved the boy band and 98 degrees lines.  Classic!  I just hate we didn’t get to see Nick punching Julian.  I love that Julian stood up for Brooke in front of Victoria.  I so wanted Brooke to walk around the wall and hear what he had said.  But Victoria definitely heard it and I think she actually was impressed!  Yes!  I can’t wait to see more of Julian and Brooke.  Did I mention I love Julian?

And in a random note, the music was awesome.

What’d you guys think?

May 04,2009

Episode 22 Show Me How to Live Reaction

Posted by Amy with 27 Comments

So glad I got to see this episode.  What a great one.  I know they are really milking all they can out of this Peyton dying thing but if you give into it, wow, some great moments tonight.  It’s just heartbreaking to see Peyton film a time capsule, something I know that every mother including myself has thought of doing if in her shoes.  I loved how Lucas was reminded of his love for her.  I always love seeing glimpses of their high school days.

Unfortunately I think Naley was put on the backburner again.  We really didn’t even get to see Nathan’s career move forward.  Just more hoping.

I think one of the most touching scenes though was Brooke and Sam.  When she said she would always be her first mother, well, I just about lost it.

For some reason, I don’t feel like commenting too much about tonight’s episode.  I think it was just absolutely beautiful.  No it wasn’t perfect but there were a lot of perfect moments.  Well done, my OTH friends.

What’d you guys think?

Apr 27,2009

Episode 21 A Kiss to Build a Dream On Reaction

Posted by Amy with 53 Comments

I  really liked tonight’s episode.  There was no OMG moments.  But it was a nice, smooth ride.  Here are a few thoughts.

  • Skills and Jamie were cute.  Skills and Jamie’s teacher were cuter.  Her s.e.x. line was hilarious.
  • I really am liking the Nathan and Coach relationship.  I think it reminds me of Whitey.  No, he isn’t as funny as Whitey but there’s a warmth between him and Nathan that I really like.  Really hope Haley is right that Nathan will get a call from the NBA.  I’m ready already!  Two seasons of Nathan coming back from the bottom.
  • I really liked Nick Lachey on the show tonight.  His lines were a lot funnier than I thought they’d be and I loved Haley’s song he sang.
  • Victoria and Sam are great together.  I felt bad for Brooke that it did seem Victoria was trying a do-over with Sam.  But Victoria and Sam are funny together.
  • I loved the flashbacks with Lucas and Peyton.  It’s sort of like seeing Season 4.5.  The Comet has always meant a lot to Peyton but I can see even more now why it means so much to them…they have to make all their babies in the back seat! LOL The title of the ep is a nice reference to all the kissing they did back then and all that came after it.  I also liked Peyton’s statement that she had a lot of dreams wrapped up in him.
  • Mia and Chase are cute together but something made me cringe when Chase said he just thought he was in love with Brooke.  I wanted to defend Brooke even though they hadn’t been together in a long time.

What’d you think?

Apr 20,2009

Episode 20 I Would For You Reaction

Posted by Amy with 76 Comments

Just a few thoughts for tonight.

  • Overall I felt like Mouth and Millie’s scenes were unnecessary.  BUT she was definitely cute in his shirt and the last scene with them on the video was LOVE.  aww.
  • Sam and Jack were super duper cute together listening to the music together.  And the line in the coffee shop “i don’t like finals anyway” had Heather and I LOL.
  • Speaking of Sam…what was with Victoria at the end?  Is she going to be everything to Sam that she wasn’t to Brooke?  Will she make a 180 and take Sam in, freeing Brooke up to be with Julian?
  • I just love the older Nathan.  I love that he won’t take smack from anyone but he’s not outright mean either.
  • Haley was gorgeous this ep.
  • Brooke looked pretty with her hair up for the record too.  Looks like she’s regretting turning Julian down a bit.  But I liked how she put his jacket in the cabinet and it said Clothes over Bros.  So I guess she thinks she’s sacrificing her love for Julian for the rest of the COB employees.  Boo.  I want Brulian.
  • Skills and Lauren FTW.  I think they’d be cute together.
  • Jamie was so cute telling jokes to his class.  He was super cute at the end telling his friends he was staying.
  • As for Lucas and Peyton, we didn’t get too much except for Luke trying to take care of Peyton and fixing the Comet.  One off-topic thing I did notice is that Chad has  new tattoo on his wrist!  Looked like some sort of cross.

Honestly, not the best ep ever but it had a few good moments.

Mar 16,2009

Episode 17 You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Reaction

Posted by Amy with 90 Comments

Wow, what an amazing episode.  Finally, we got to concentrate on the core 5 and core stories and simple interaction between them.  It was an amazingly awesome, emotional episode.   So let’s look at my thoughts how they did.

“The Surprise”
I love that Peyton fought for her baby.  I loved that she wanted it so badly because it was them.  And wow, I loved that she was going to call a boy Sawyer. Denise, did you not call that?  But most of all I loved that Lucas was fighting for Peyton.  I watched the Pilot earlier today and tonight I remembered those scenes where Lucas simply adored Peyton and here years later, all he still wants is her.  Ahhh, be still my heart.  The only thing I didn’t like about all that is it sounded like Peyton was trying to convince it would be A-OK if she died which it WOULD NOT.  Mark, do you hear me??  Peyton can not die!

“The Long Goodbye”
We’re not nearly as invested in Mouth and Millicent but I have to say I liked that Mouth took responsibility of his part in their failed relationship.  Again, I liked that he fought for them but I guess I have to hand it to Millicent to realize she needed to work through her own stuff.

“The Seven Year Itch”
Was it not great to see Nathan and Haley happy and together.  The fortune cookies and the phone sex…it was great to see them playful with each other.  And great to see them dream and dream big together.

“The Deleted Scene”
First I have to say What is Brooke’s problem??? OMG, Julian just said I love you, I’m in love with you!!  Holy cow, she is crazy not to jump all over that.  She clearly and plainly stated she did not love Lucas anymore and that she was not Peyton.    Is she really still not capable of loving someone after over five years?  Had a really hard time processing that one.  But kudos on the writing.  I love when he says “I’ll wait for you.”  But this makes me so sad because it really sounds like they might be over and I do NOT want him going anywhere.  OMG, it just hit me…are they going to kill off Peyton and have Brooke with Lucas??

“The Cold War”
Wow, did I miss some Dan and Deb.  As I was saying I watched the Pilot and I was thinking how much I missed them arguing.  Sounds kind of funny but I did and wow, when is the last time we saw someone arguing about Keith?    It felt very OTH-ish to hear about Keith again.  And it appears their war continues.  But Dan’s life may be spared as they have his heart.

Definitely one of the best episodes of the season.  What’d you think?

Jan 20,2009

Episode 15 We Change, We Wait Reaction

Posted by Amy with 188 Comments

OK.  Let me be honest.  Not my favorite episode ever.  But there are some blogworthy comments.

  • Lucas taking Peyton to the lake was just awesome.  But her getting Keith’s ring was awesome-er.
  • I love, love, love, Brooke and Julian.  That is all.
  • Brooke and Peyton were so great together.  I love that Peyton had to back up and go tell Brooke she was wrong about Julian.  I just love the fact that she WAS wrong about Julian.
  • Lucas and Julian are actually so cute together.
  • Dixon needs to GO AWAY.  It’s almost hard to watch scenes that he is in.
  • Good to see Nathan do well.  And I have to be honest.  I STILL feel bad for Dan.  I’ve said it for a long time.  It’s time for Nathan to let go and let him in.

What did you guys think?

Jan 13,2009

Episode 14 A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene Reaction

Posted by Amy with 101 Comments

What a great episode!  This was a fun one, nothing too depressing or overwhelming.  I think Chad did a GREAT job directing.  Here are some favorite things from tonight:

  • Jamie and Andre playing poker! But give Lucas back that watch!  He looked hot in that!
  • Sam and Brooke were hilarious in this episode.  I love how Sam ratted her out a few times.
  • Peyton’s dress was gorgeous!
  • Mia looked hot!
  • The Chris Keller “Punch first, ask questions later” was so awesome.  I LOVE when they bring other seasons back in like that.
  • Baby Brooke clothes!  That was great!
  • I am ALL OVER the Brulian!  It was FANTABULOUS seeing Brooke kissing a guy again.  And Julian!  He’s so hot!  Lucky girl!  I love how neither one of them wanted to make it complicated.
  • Karaoke scenes.  Those were HILARIOUS.  We were cracking up laughing.  Poor James can’t dance and it’s so funny to watch him.  Jamie and Andre were throwin down though and they are SO CUTE!
  • The walkie-talkie scene with Nathan/Lucas/Jamie was SO GREAT.  Like make me want to cry great.  First Nathan saying that Peyton was going to be a superhero as a mom and then him saying he’d be there for them.  And then Lucas saying he was playing walke talkie with his brother.  And THEN Jamie saying Roger that, over and out.  OMG.  It was almost too much!  What a great ending!

Not too interesting tonight…

  • Mouth and Millie.  Seriously.  It’s just.  I don’t know.  Boring.  I’m sorry. I know it’s supposed to be all drama-y and heart-wrenching just wasn’t for me.  I did like the Brooke/Mouth scene though.  Good to see them together.
  • Sam/Jack.  The hand-holding thing was cute but really?  Who cares about Jack?  Sorry.
  • I’m a huge Leyton fan but if I hear them say they love each other one more time…I don’t know…come up with something else to say.  And we all know how wonderful this baby is going to be and how great of parents they’ll be now.  Let’s move on.

Things that make me go hmmm

  • What was with Julian’s “historical reasons” comment??

So what’d you guys think?  I’m sure I forgot something great.  What was your favorite?

Nov 25,2008

Episode 12 You Have to be Joking (Anatomy of the Devil’s Brain) Reaction

Posted by Amy with 134 Comments


That seemed to be the consensus for every reaction I heard tonight.

OMG. What. just. happened.

I think I can say tonight was one of my favorite episodes of the season or at least my favorite last 15 minutes of an episode LOL. Let’s get to the specifics here….

  • First and foremost the reveal of Brooke’s attacker! I really, really did not see that coming. Did not expect Sam’s friends to be involved in that whatsoever. And then on top of that, to find out that the same guy is the one from Q’s shooting. Wow. So my question is of course why would he be involved with Q? Just random that he is just a bad guy and Q was just bad timing? I guess this means we should be worried for Sam? I don’t know, her friend John (or was it really Jack LOL) seems to really like her so maybe he’ll keep his brother off her but I just can’t see good stuff coming out of that.
  • I’m very interested to see how Brooke takes this news that one of Sam’s friends is her attacker and Sam was technically but not directly involved.
  • The whole Owen/Brooke thing felt really forced. I don’t think the Owen we’ve gotten to know would have said that and I don’t think based on her last encounter with Owen would have been so upset. I mean, really, the last time we saw them Owen was a humble guy saying whenever you’re ready and Brooke seemed upset. And now, out of nowhere it’s like OMG, I hate you again. I really felt like that was a set up for the whole Owen and Millie hook-up. Which OMG. Brings me to the next point.
  • Owen and Millie?? For reals? I really am not happy Millie is not going to lose her virginity to Mouth. Life happens and all but come on. Mouth and Millie are so perfect together.
  • Gigi needs to get her skanky butt out of Mouth’s life and more importantly, cellphone. Ugh.
  • Luke and Dixon/Dawson were completely awful. The drugs were just out of place and inappropriate, his ideas were awful and he was just plain annoying. Sorry, JVDB. It wasn’t your acting, just your character. I was a Creek fan, so no hate from me there.
  • Um, what happened to Mia? Not the same girl for sure and I really don’t like it. That being said, wow, she looked gorgeous!
  • Nathan and his basketball…hot, hot, hot! I absolutely adored his voiceover. I loved that he did well. If they don’t pick him, they’re crazy. So is Q walking away with the cape a symbol of him wearing the cape and flying…he says it’s not just Nate’s dream so is that a foreshadowing that Nate got his dream?
    Jamie was cute as a button tonight.
  • So what and who is Julian? It seems like they’re trying to paint him as the bad guy but I really think he’s a good guy especially with that whole coffee thing at the end. Either way, man is still hot.
  • Peyton…well, I guess we got our answer. It’s going to be another cancer storyline. And we seem to have a lead that it is ovarian/uterine. Does this mean no Leyton babies? A stalled wedding? Will Peyton die?

OMG That is just about the only thing you can say in response to that episode. I think it was a fabulous episode before a long break. Enough stuff answered while enough stuff was left open to keep you coming back on January 5.

Nov 10,2008

Episode 10 Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous Reaction

Posted by Amy with 38 Comments

Wow, ya’ll, that was a good episode.  I really figured it’d be one drawn out concert but we got a lot of good stuff tonight.

  • Millie was fierce tonight.  Her line about getting Gigi out of her bed was fabulous.  Gigi just needs to move the heck on.  She’s been on my nerves since the first time she showed up this season.   If you read WWK’s latest spoiler, I’m a little scared for what’s coming since Millie saw the hug.  I do have to say it’s nice to see a decent storyline with Mouth.  And by decent I mean non-boring.
  • I STILL like Julian.  Like REALLY like him.  I love him with Lucas, I love him with Peyton and I surely am hoping to like him with Brooke.  He just goes with them.  He’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, his acting is impeccable and he just plays well off of everyone.  Like just when you think you want to hate Julian for interfering you realize he’s being honest and he’s a decent guy.  Or…I think he is.
  • I love Brooke for sticking up for Peyton and Lucas.  I love her for calling Lucas out on his crap.  Brooke was great reassuring Sam.  But what’s with the baby thing?  Is she getting a baby, is she not..why bring all this up again?
  • I OF COURSE loved Lucas and Peyton at the end.  FINALLY Lucas apologizes for straying from them and thanks Peyton for being so strong.  To me he finally redeemed himself.
  • Now, Hello, Naley!  Wow, encore to the encore, indeed!  Naley was as cute as ever together tonight.  And honestly, it was good to have a little break from Jamie.  I LOVE me some Jamie but it was good to see them as a romantic couple and not just the parents of the show.
  • The music was really good tonight.  I love Kate’s song and Angel and Airwaves were fantastic.  Really liked the songs.

So what’d you think? Am I off-base on this having some great stuff even though the concert was supposed to be center-stage?