7.22 Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You Recap

Haley falls in the pool and begins having flashbacks of her and Nathan over the years…wedding, prom, Jamie being born, Jamie growing up, the car wreck.  The scene cuts to Nathan pulling Haley out of the water.  Haley talks with the therapist and says she wanted to feel a live.  It didn’t make her feel alive but it made her want to.
Brooke has hung his movie’s poster in her living room.
Quinn and Clay lay in bed and talk.  He says he’s in love with her as promised.
Haley wakes up with a voiceover from the therapist saying one day she might wake up and feel better one day.  Jamie plays in an empty pool.  She asks Jamie about wanting to see snow.  He says Julian’s movie is going to Utah and everyone else is going.  She says they can go.  She gives him a gold star and says she loves him.
There are only 6 beds and a couple couches for everyone.  They all run for rooms.  Julian tells Brooke he has the key to the master.
Mouth and Skills make up.  Skills says he’s about to rock his jacket he got in LA.  He comes out in a furry coat and Mouth says Dude, no.
Jamie and the guys start playing in the snow.  Jamie asks how they know Chase.  Chase says I’m the bartender.  Jamie says whatever, you’re no Grubbs.
Grubbs plays in the studio with a band.  Mia is there.
Snowball fight with everyone.  Haley is inside and watches the fight.  Nathan spots her but then gets hit by a snowball and chases after Jamie.
Brooke and Julian are in the hot tub.  They talk about the film doing well.  Brooke says she’d just enjoy it.  Cut to Jamie in the hot tub and says Yeah, just enjoy it.
Everyone goes to a club.  Skills is with girls.  Chase and Alex are dancing.  Clay tells Quinn to quit worrying about Haley.  He says he has the key for them because she loses things.
Chase and Alex chat.  He says he just broke up with Mia and he’s locking his door and calls her Devil Dupree.
Skills brings Quinn back to Clay and says she was sexy till she danced.
Mia asks Grubbs how he is.  He says so many memories and things left unsaid.  Mia said leave it in the studio and make the last song for the record.  She says it’s bad, but it will get better.
Clay pours wine and says it was a good night.  Quinn comes out in a bra and underwear and says she seems to have lost her clothes and her way to a bed.
Alex tells Josh to scoot over.  He says I thought you’d go with Chase.  She says I tried, he locked the door.  Josh says I know, I tried too.  She asks if he’ll come out and he says no, my parents couldn’t handle it.
Nathan and Haley sit on the couch and drink.  She says she’s so grateful for him and how he’s been.  He says she’s saved him so many times he thinks he’s taken advantage of her and he’s broken her somehow.  She says you haven’t, I just have a weight but it was lighter today.
Quinn and Haley walk and Haley says it reminds her of Mom.  Quinn says she believed in reincarnation and she thinks she’ll be an owl.  Haley just wants her to be her again.
Jamie climbs into a snow fort.
Alex says I can’t believe you locked your door.  They chat and he says I’d crush on you and then you’d be gone.
Haley crawls in with Jamie and he says it feels safe and quiet.  She says she’s going in town to buy a dress and asks if he wants a suit for the premiere.  He agrees.
Quinn goes looking for Clay.  There’s a note and says he went to a cafe.  She goes to the hot tub but then forgets beers and locks herself out of the house.  She’s only in her bikini.  She puts on boots and hats by the door and walks to the pub.  Clay, Mouth and Skills are there and she demands the key.  They all watch her leave and he says she loses things.
Haley and Jamie try on clothes.  He’s in a bull fighting outfit and Haley says his grandma would have loved that suit.  He says you’re pretty when you smile.
Brooke and Julian are dressed up in their room.  He’s worried.  She says it’s ok and his dad and destiny are waiting and then kisses him.
Paul gets on stage and introduces the film.  He says they kicked him out of the nest and it’s been a pleasure watching him soar.  The movie begins.
Julian paces outside.  Alex tells him it’s starting.  He says go watch it with an audience.  Nathan walks out with Jamie and says it started with a sex scene.  Jamie asks Julian if he was grossed out too.  He says we should go get a drink.  They are at a bar and he says it’s no animation, no stunts, what else is there.  Julian says there’s romance.  No one is interested in that, you’re gonna need the luck.  He says what do you know, you’re 7 and in a bar.
Alex gets teary watching it and Josh says she was good and he’s tired of being afraid.
Jamie tells Julian no one has left yet, so that’s good.  He says they’re kissing, there’s a lot of that.  He could have used a robot.  Julian says it should be over…about now.  The audience starts clapping.  Julian goes in and he gets a standing ovation.
Paul says the meeting went great and they have buyers interested.  He says to let him do the talking.  Julian jumps at 2.5mil.  They make a deal at 3mil.
Alex and Josh are on the red carpet.  Josh says everyone should know they’re not together because he’s excited about how many hot, single women are going to love the movie.
Grubbs starts playing.
Haley sits in the snow fort alone.
Julian jumps into a pile of snow in his suit.
Brooke gets in with Haley and asks if that’s the VIP snow fort.  She needed ice for her cocktail.
Chase jumps in the snow.
Mouth has Skills’ coat on dancing at the club and all the girls are dancing around him.
Brooke gives Haley a hug.
Jamie and Skills are outside.  Mouth is passed outside in Skills’ coat.
Alex wakes up to find Josh packed up.  He’s going to Denver to his parents to talk.  She says her name is Alice Whitehead.  He says that’s horrible.  She says they all have secrets and she’s going to miss him.  He kisses her on the forehead and he’ll miss her too.
Grubbs leaves a CD and packs everything and leaves on tour starting with London.
Haley is walking and sees an owl.  She walks up to it and puts her hand out and the owl stays there.  Haley smiles and runs back.
Brooke and Julian walk in the snow.  He puts a ring in her hand and says that’s the engagement ring I bought you.  He says the next choice he wants to make is to ask her to marry him.  He gets on his knee and says Marry me, Brooke Davis.  She says yes and they kiss.
Haley finds Jamie playing and bear hugs him.  She says they should all go sledding.  Nathan comes up to them.  She says she’ll be ok.  Everyone stands at the top of the hill.  They all sled down.  At the bottom of the hill, Jamie says it’s a big hike.  Haley says yeah, it’s just a hill, we’ll climb it together.
Alex puts up her movie poster up in her hotel room.  She says she’s thinking about staying around.  She asks him to go out with her.  He says yes.  He gets a text from Mia saying I miss us.
Brooke and Julian are home and Brooke says her fav part of the movie is you get the sense they’re all going to live happily ever after. Julian says they are.
Haley goes in to see Nathan and she’s crying happy tears.  She tells him she’s pregnant and she thinks it’s going to be a girl.
Quinn and Clay are falling asleep on the couch.  He says she should go to bed.  She says no.   He says without her he’d be lost.  She gets up and goes to bed.  He sits on the couch and Quinn walks in the room and Katie shoots her and Quinn goes in to check on her and Katie shoots Clay.

7.21 What’s In the Ground Belongs to You Recap

Haley is at the pool and sees herself jump in.  Jamie comes up to her in the present and says he cleaned up and Haley asks if he wants a gold star.
Clay looks in his fridge and sees the kool-aid.
Quinn digs a hole.
Brooke watches the movie, enthralled.  Julian sits with her nervously.
Grubbs is in bed asleep.  Miranda is up and packing.  She puts her passport in her bag and walks out.
Josh and Alex hug on the beach.
Julian asks about the movie and Brooke says it’s so good.  Alex and Josh actually have good chemistry.
Alex and Josh wait to go on a talk show and fight about having to be together.  The curtain opens and he kisses her on the cheek.
Haley is on the phone and says it all seems fake.  They’re too many good people who suffer.  We all tell ourselves it will be ok but it’s not and once you know that, there’s no going back.  There’s no magic.
Haley and Nathan talk.  Nathan suggests they have a day just the two of them.
Quinn goes to see Jamie.  He’s worried about his mom.  She brought The Goonies to watch.
Julian and Brooke are at home and he’s stressing about the film festival. Today is the deadline.
Miranda tells Grubbs last night was amazing but she still can’t marry him.  She asks him to finish the record.  He agrees.  She says she’s leaving tonight.
Alex talks to Chase.  She needs someone to talk to.  She asks for shots and tells him he has to drink it.
Clay gets home and Katie is in his kitchen pretending to be Sara.  He kicks her out and says not to come back and they’ll never be together ever.
Jamie tells Quinn the movie was awesome.  Quinn gives Jamie a treasure hunt.  He gets the clue that it’s a court and figures out it’s the RiverCourt.
Nathan and Haley are stuck in traffic.  He tries to get her to talk about something she loves or hates.  She says she hates traffic and gets out and starts walking.  He gets out and says it’s a perfect day for a walk.
Brooke comes into COB and Victoria and Alexander come out of the back.  V wants to go back to NY and Alexander wants to run COB and run it from NY with V.
Alex tells Chase her and Josh are all a lie.  She wants a steady boyfriend with a regular job.  He says like a bartender?  She says he has a girlfriend and he says he had a girlfriend, it’s over.
Haley says on the phone you’re supposed to get over someone leaving too quick. Back to present and Haley and Nathan are on the Riverwalk and he has a cracker jack box.  She says it’s not going to change anything.  He says why not? it fixed me.
Nathan tells Brooke their car got towed.  Brooke tells Nathan Clay hasn’t heard about the movie.  Nathan says depression is different for everyone and one day she might just feel better.  He says he’s ok but Jamie is struggling.  He says it’s time for them to be her everything.
Clay watches his wedding with Sara.
Quinn and Jamie get to the Rivercourt.  Jamie finds a clue under the bleachers.  The clue leads to a fountain.
Julian goes to the bar and talks to Alex.  Chase shows Julian the text from Mia.  Mia shows up at TRIC.
Quinn and Jamie get to the fountain.  Jamie finds it under the top level.  They get in the fountain and a police officer stops them.  They run off.
Haley talks on the phone again.  She says she doesn’t remember what it feels like to be happy.  She just feels numb.
Brooke and Haley show up at COB.  Haley gives her a hard time for trashing Quinn’s opening.  V says she knows what she’s going through and please listen and sit.  V says it would break her mom’s heart if she knew she was suffering like this.  Grieve, struggle, find your way back in your own way but your mom would want to be vibrant and fight your pain with all you’ve got.

Jamie and Quinn go to a boat for the clue.
Chase and Mia talk.  She says she’s going to be around for awhile.
Alex asks about the film festival.  She asks about worse case scenario.  He says he kills himself.  She says that would be funny but you saved me and you are amazing.
Jamie found a clue in a bottle.  Quinn opens it and Jamie reads the next clue.  The new clue makes a map.  He figures it out and tells her to come on.
Clay looks through a box and finds a picture of him and Sara.  His phone rings and then you see him go to a pier.  Katie is about to jump off.  Clay tells the officer it’s his wife.

Miranda tells Grubbs she doesn’t want him to come.
Jamie finds the prize Quinn buried.
Nathan looks through cell phone bills.
Clay talks to Sara.  He tells her not to jump.  He doesn’t want her to leave him again and he loves her.  The police grab her when he gets her hand.  He tells Katie they are going to help her.  He tells her he loves Quinn not Katie.
Jamie opens the treasure chest.  All kinds of jewelry and fun stuff.  Jamie says he doesn’t think they should keep it.  He says maybe someone else needs it but maybe there is one thing he’ll keep.  There is a gold star and he says he wants his momma to be ok.  They bury it again.
Brooke says it’s nice isn’t it?  Remember when you didn’t think Tree Hill was a good idea?  You like it here.  V says no, she’s like being near her daughter.  Brooke asks if she should let Alexander run COB.  She says no, Millicent should run COB and Alexander should design.  Brooke says maybe you’re scared of him being in NY and falling in love.  V says no one is falling in love.  Brooke says she’s going to miss her.  Victoria hugs her and starts crying.  Brooke says he’s going to give him the job and Millie will be VP.  V says it’d be kind of nice if they fell in love.  She tells Brooke she’s so proud of her.  They exchange I love you’s.
Grubbs plays.  Miranda starts to go see him but walks out in tears.
Jamie thanks Quinn and says he knows she did it for him.  He lets balloons go on the Rivercourt.  Clay tells the officer there is a journal of his wife’s and he’d like to have it back.
Mia finds Grubbs in the studio.  She says we should start by listening to your record.  He says I’ll need a minute.  I just had my heart broken.  Mia says me too.
Chase reads Mia’s text message again.  He deletes it.
Nathan is still looking at the bills.  He asks Quinn where is Mom’s cell is.  She says it’s at the gallery in a box.
Julian gets home late and he says he watched the movie again.  It’s a good movie.  He says the wardrobe is unbelievable.  They get a call from the film festival.  Julian answers it.
Quinn and Nathan listen to Haley’s messages on her cell.  She says I know you’re gone, but somehow I thought I could talk to you.  Today I snapped at Jamie.  I don’t know why and he deserves better and so does Nathan.  Every day we ignore how truly broken the world is and we tell ourselves it’s going to be ok but it’s not.
Haley is looking into her pool and jumps in.  Voiceover says “once you know that, there’s no going back.”

7.20 Learning to Fall Recap

Nathan is in bed alone. Haley throws a flower in a fountain. Quinn and Clay are in bed. Brooke lights candles around her bath that Julian is in.  She says his phone has been busy.  He says he’s busy.  She says he’s passionate but to take care of himself.  He says he has her to take of him.  He pulls her in the tub with him.  They kiss. Alex catches Millie up on all the Tree Hill gossip. Miranda and Grubbs argue about getting married.  She says it’s illegal but he says not if there are feelings involved. Alex goes to get ice and see Josh kissing a guy in the elevator. Nathan asks Haley if she’s nervous about her video shoot.  Jamie asks Haley what’s for breakfast.  She pours him leftover Chinese. Brooke draws a picture of Victoria and Alexander and says it’s the Blunder down Under.  V says she’s lucky and cougars are in.  Alexander comes in with donuts.  Brooke says to have fun with her cub. Josh goes to see Alex.  He says it’s not what it looked like.  He begs her not to say anything. Alex tells Julian and Paul that Josh is gay. Quinn and Clay agree that Katie is weird but harmless at breakfast.  Or completely psychotic.  He’s going to make some calls and apologizes for not telling her about her. Millie goes to see Mouth.  He’s looking at yearbook pictures of him and Skills.  He says him and Lauren didn’t plan to hurt him.  She says to talk to Skills.  Millie asks Mouth if he ever misses her and he says yes. Miranda tells Grubbs she didn’t sleep much.  He invites her to dance. She says she can’t marry him. Mouth goes to talk to Skills. He says they were just hanging out and they didn’t plan it.  Skills won’t talk to him so Mouth starts playing the video game with him.  Skills puts it down and walks out. Brooke goes to check on Mouth.  She says him and Mouth should make up.  She’s glad she made up with Peyton.  He says he tried but he walked away.  Brooke gets a message that says she was caught in a sex act with a boy toy. Lauren goes to see Skills.  She tries to explain but he thinks they were just broken up because of location.  She just wants him to be nice to Skills. Haley tunes out Miranda as she drones on about Grubbs and then the music video.  She gets up in the middle of it and walks out.  Out in the parking lot, she gets in a car and takes off. Alex goes to see Paul.  She apologizes about the sex tape.  He says to keep Josh under wraps.  No one will come see the movie. Julian goes to see Josh and says he has until midnight to get the money.  He says his ex-boyfriend threatened to out him and it would ruin him. Brooke yells at Victoria at the computer at COB.  It’s the second biggest scandal of the week. Nathan and Grubbs chat at TRIC.  He complains about Miranda and Nathan says it was the same way with Haley at the beginning.  Miranda comes up looking for Haley but Nathan was wondering too. Clay is on the phone about Katie.  She was dismissed from a team.  Someone is going to call him back. Katie breaks the picture of Clay. Jamie and Skills order at a restaurant.  He asks how much he missed Uncle Skills.  He holds out his hands a lot.  Jamie says Lauren missed her a lot.  Skills says she’s moved on.  He says Mouth stole her.  He can’t believe it.  Jamie says he stole Mrs. Lauren from him and we’re still friends. Brooke tells Julian about the scandal.  There’s also the sex tape.  Julian goes to tell Paul and he says he sold the video.  He says it was Alex’s idea. Skills goes to see Millie at COB to ask about Mouth and Lauren.  She says she wants Mouth to be happy.  They made their beds and now they have to sleep in them. Grubbs watches Miranda on the phone and he begins to write. Haley stares at a picture of her mom and her.  Her phone is ringing and it’s Miranda.  Haley says it’s just music.  She’s busy making soup. Clay meets with Katie’s roommate.  Her lithium was in the trash and he should be careful. Quinn walks in the gallery to find the broken picture. Haley is in the kitchen and Jamie spills something and she sends him to his room.  Nathan watches from the other side of the kitchen. Nathan asks what’s going on.  He tells her to go upstairs, he’ll clean it all up.  She says she wants to be alone. Victoria and Alexander apologize to Brooke.  They should have told her.  She says she’ll be happy for her as long as she doesn’t have to see the details.  V says let the world know.  Brooke gets a call from TMZ and she says it was her mother. Miranda records Grubbs record the song he wrote earlier. Alex tells Julian she saved the movie because he saved her life and it was the least she could do. Nathan goes to see Jamie putting a puzzle together.  He asks if Haley is still mad at him.  He says she’s not mad and she’ll always love him. Miranda kisses Grubbs after he’s done recording. Katie shows up at Quinn’s gallery.  Katie says she’s there for the photo and wants it now.  Quinn says it’s already been shipped and she’s going to have to get used to being without him.  Clay calls and tells her she’s unstable and get out of there.  Katie is in the back with her.  Quinn tells her to go.  Katie says he doesn’t look at her the way he looks at her.  Katie says she’ll never be Sarah.  Quinn says neither will you.  Katie says we’ll see about that. Mouth and Skills play a video game and Mouth tries to apologize but Skills just says let’s just play together. Nathan tries to comfort Haley.  She says she misses her.  He says to focus on her music but she’s worried it won’t help.  He says he’ll be there. Alex complains to Josh and is tired of them thinking she’s a slut so they’re coming out as a couple. Julian comes home to Brooke.  She tells him about a letter in the mail.  It’s an invitation to the official unwrap party.  She takes her robe off and she has a bow tied around her. Lauren brings cookies to Mouth.  She apologizes and says she wanted to see him but he says he can’t do this to his friend. Haley unpacks from the grocery store and pours herself some vodka and then goes to the piano to play.  The drink spills on the keyboard.  She pushes a candle over on the piano and it lights up in fire. Quinn tells Clay she’s not going away. Katie watches Clay’s wedding tape. Nathan finds Haley and puts out the fire.  She says she’s going to call her mom and walks away.

7.19 Every Picture Tells A Story Recap

Julian wakes up to breakfast in bed from Brooke.  It’s his last day on set. The movie is on time and on budget.  Brooke leaves to work on the wardrobe.  She says they’re going to Quinn’s gallery opening.
Clay is out on his porch and thinks he sees Sarah on the beach.  Quinn comes out and he tells her he sees her, but less since he’s been seeing her.  She says it’s ok if he has pictures out of her.
Alexander and Victoria are kissing in COB and Brooke almost catches them when she comes for clothes.  Alexander says it’s going to end badly and they need to tell her.  V says to quit worrying.
Lauren and Mouth talk about Skills.  He says they need to be honest.  Lauren says Skills is great and it’s complicated.  Mouth says he should talk to him since he’s his best friend.
Josh storms off set mad that his computer was stolen.  Julian tries to calm him but Josh says it’s not the computer, it’s what’s on it.
Jamie tells Nathan he’s bored.  Nathan says he couldn’t be bored, he’s only 7.  Nathan tells him they’re having a guys night.  Haley is going to Quinn’s gallery opening.
Haley looks at a pregnancy test and says 1..2..3.
Grubbs and Miranda are in the studio working on his song.  He says it needs work and she says to move on.
Haley finishes her makeup in the living room when Quinn comes in.  She’s nervous.  Quinn gives Haley a thank you present.  It’s a picture of her and Lydia in the kitchen when she was a little girl.
Skills is on his cell in his kitchen.  Mouth comes in and Skills says he’s trying to be the east coast rep so he might be able to stay.  He’s planning to get Lauren back.  He’ll quit his job if he has to.  He’s going to talk to her tonight.
Clay and Quinn walk in her gallery.  Clay turns the lights on Quinn says it’s perfect.  Katie watches them from a car outside.
Quinn and Clay walk through the gallery as people peruse the gallery.  Clay sees a picture of him she’s put up.  She takes him to the back and says everyone is taking a picture tonight and they’re feeding it outside so everyone can see it.  They kiss and it shows up out in the gallery on the screen.
Mouth and Lauren start to talk and Skills comes up and steals Lauren away.
Nathan teaches Jamie to shave at home.  Jamie says it’s a lot of work.  Nathan talks about wooing Haley and having Lucas.  Jamie wants a brother.
Haley and Quinn chat about a photo named “Sisters”.  Haley says she’s going to buy it.  Julian and Brooke show up hand in hand.  Josh asks if there are nudes.  Alex pulls him away looking for a bar.  Julian says they wrapped and Quinn congratulates him.  Shot of Katie at the gallery watching Clay watch Quinn.
Skills tells Lauren on the riverwalk he came home for her and he wants to be like it was.  Lauren says it’s not like it was.  He asks if there is someone else and she says maybe and apologizes.
Julian’s dad shows Josh and Alex’s sex tape to Julian on his phone. He says he’s being blackmailed.
Julian pulls Alex behind a curtain and shows her the tape.  She says I slept with him and she didn’t make the tape.  He keeps trying to find the best version of her and she keeps showing him the worst.
Lauren says he was really upset.  Mouth says he really likes her.  Lauren says he has feelings for him.
Miranda is on the phone with someone and saying so there is nothing I can do?  Grubbs comes in and she says she’s going back to England.  She’s being deported.  He asks where that leaves them and she says there’s not going to be an us.
Brooke tells Alexander he can’t believe V is talking to Julian’s dad.  Alexander says she’s hot.  Brooke stops him.
Alex confronts Josh and Josh didn’t realize what happened and says it wasn’t his fault.  She says why would you make a tape if you suck at it?
Nathan and Jamie play Guitar Hero in KISS outfits.
Julian tells Brooke about the sex tape.  She says you have to help her.  It would be bad for the movie.
Quinn says someone bought her portrait and she points out Katie.  Clay drops and breaks his beer.

Katie tells Quinn meeting the subject of the portrait makes it even better.  She excuses herself to see the rest of her work.    Clay gets a text that says “She’s so wrong for you.” from Katie.
Miranda apologizes to Grubbs at TRIC and says she’s has to leave sooner than later.  She says she promises they’ll find someone to finish the record and he doesn’t want to.
Clay asks Katie what she’s doing.  She’s uninvited and she needs to leave.  She says she felt a connection and she guesses she was wrong and walks out.
Alex starts to drink and Julian puts it down.  She says she never tried to hurt him and she’ll leave.  Julian says they’ll get to it together and he’ll do whatever to help her.
Nathan puts Jamie to bed.  He tells her Haley is still very sad and when he’s gone to training camp he needs to be the man of the house.
Brooke and Haley talk.  Haley says it helps to have Jamie since Lydia is gone.  Brooke tells her she can’t have kids.  Haley tells her not to give up.
Julian dad says he’s not sure what to do.  A million dollars is a lot of money.  Josh says he has a friend at Sundance.
Alexander and Victoria talk behind the curtain.  She needs to concentrate on the new line.  She’s not ashamed of him.  She starts kissing him.
Skills talks to Chase at the bar when he sees Lauren and Mouth’s picture on the screen.  He goes to confront Mouth and punches him and takes down the curtain to expose Victoria and Alexander.

Grubbs serves Skills at TRIC.  He says it’s too late to get her back and he should have just told her how I feel.
Haley and Quinn clean up.  Quinn gives her a check for back rent.  Quinn says Mom would have loved it.  Haley says sometimes she can’t breathe when she thinks of it.
Brooke gives Victoria and Alexander a lecture and thinks Alexander was pay back for Paul but Alexander explains they’ve been seeing each other.
Haley gets home to find Nathan in a mess.  Haley tells him he’s a great parent.  He tells her he wants them to have a baby.  She says she took a test today and it was negative.  He says they’ll try again.
Miranda packs up and Grubbs comes in and proposes.
Josh goes to Alex’s room and says he’s sorry.  He wishes he could take it back and asks for forgiveness. She says the movie is wrapped and so are we.  He gets on the cell and said the plan was to get the tape out but not blackmail them.
Quinn asks Clay what’s wrong.  He tells her who Katie is.  He gets a picture of Katie and she sees they look the same.
Julian and Brooke talk in bed.  He said she rescued Alex.  He’s dreamed of them being back together and she looks even more beautiful than in her dreams.  He loves her and nothing can ruin them.
Haley gets out of bed in the night and goes out to the pool and sobs.

7.18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance Spoilers Recap

Paul and Julian check on Josh in his trailer.  He says he has a costume malfunction.  Alex laughs when he walks out in a 70s jogging scene.  Julian asks Brooke what happened.  She says she made a huge, unforgivable mistake and she’s a dirty, no-good liar.  She’s obviously sarcastic and walks away mad.
Lydia cooks in the kitchen.  Haley walks in and they talk about her missing Haley’s birthday.  She said she didn’t miss it, just her message.  Haley tells her she loves her and Lydia tells her she’s saying to too often but she loves her too.
Katie talks to Tanesha and says she met a boy with a nice car and empty finger.  She says she’s meeting him that night.  He’ll either marry her or sign her.
Mouth and Lauren walk downtown.  He apologizes for asking her out.  He says he got carried away.  She says she was flattered but she’s worried about Millicent and how he was jealous of Owen.
Nathan tells Haley Lydia left her funeral arrangements for them.  Nathan says he’ll read through it.  She doesn’t know how she’ll deal with it.  He says graciously and courageously like always.
Katie sits down with Clay and says tell me it’s just the beginning of a relationship.  Clay starts and laughs a little.
Haley finds Lydia laid out in the kitchen.  She calls for Nathan and calls 911.

Brooke pricks Alex when she’s fitting a dress on Alex.  Alex says oh he told you we had sex?  It happened and then it just sort of happened again.
Katie says she could make a Wheaties box look good.  Clay says you’re probably right but I can’t represent you.  She says the least you can do is take me out on a consolation date.  Clay gets a call.  He says he’s sorry and he’s on the way.  Katie writes her number down and tells her to call him.  He says Sorry, Sarah, that’s not going to happen.  Katie asks who Sarah is.
Brooke walks in COB and drops clothes.  Brooke announces Alex and Julian had sex.  Brooke says your motherly compassion should start kicking in.  V says she got stood up.  Brooke says the apple didn’t fall far from the Paul tree.
Quinn and Haley go to see Lydia at the hospital.  Lydia says she knows she doesn’t have much time.  She says she had wonderful visits with all of her children.  Lydia shows them a picture of the 3 girls and said they were inseparable.  Lydia says 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Quinn goes to get Taylor.  She says she collapsed this morning and this is it, it’s time to say goodbye.    Taylor says no.  Quinn says I don’t know when you became a colossal selfish b*tch but Mom needs you and it’s the right thing.  Taylor says I never do the right thing.  Quinn leaves the picture and Taylor cries and says she doesn’t want it.
Lydia wakes up and Haley is there.  She says she was dreaming about her dad.  There was a lot Haley didn’t know about them.  She talks about the first time they kissed and her soup.  Haley says she doesn’t have the recipe.  Lydia asks for a pen and writes it down.
Nathan talks to Jamie in his room.  He tells him Lydia is in the hospital and she wants to see him.  Jamie guesses she’s going to die.  Nathan says man to man, yes, she is, pretty soon.  He asks for a few minutes before they leave.
Brooke overhears Alex on the phone saying he said it was like a religious experience.  Brooke punches Alex.

Julian kicks Brooke off set.
Haley makes soup and Nathan comes in. He says Jamie will be down.  He guessed about Lydia.  Haley gets upset that of course he would know.  She yells and doesn’t know what to do.  So many memories will die with her and she doesn’t know what to ask.
Brooke comes in COB and complains about her hand.  Alexander says it was him in the bathroom.  Brooke freaks out.
Paul is upset because they can’t do anything until Alex’s swelling goes down.
Katie finds pictures of Clay and Sarah and sees she looks like her.
Haley feeds her soup to Lydia in the hospital.  Lydia tells Haley to prepare to be haunted.  Jamie and Nathan walk in.  Jamie brought a book to read because Haley reads to him when he’s sick.

V finds Brooke on the floor in COB.  She says she’s trying to find a beam to hang herself on.  She says tells her Alex slept with Alexander not Julian.  She ruined wardrobe, lost Julian and knocked out Alex.  V says she should talk to Julian.
Clay and Quinn go to see Lydia.  They have something special for her.  Lydia says Clay is special and she should talk to him. Men need to be hit over the head.  Lydia spots Taylor at the door.
Brooke goes to see Alex.  She was looking for Julian.  She says they switched rooms b/c the guys were so loud.  She asks why she got hit.  Brooke explains what she saw.  Alex says I wish, but it’s never going to happen.  She never had a chance.  Brooke apologizes for everything.
Lydia tells Taylor she’s glad she came.  Taylor apologizes for being such a disappointment.  No one likes her.  Lydia says she does and she’s the one that reminds her most of herself.  She can fight it but she will end up happy.  Taylor says I’ve been awful how can you love me?  Lydia says I’ve always loved you but how long will it take to love yourself?  Taylor hugs her and says please don’t leave.
Alexander knocks on the door at COB.  V opens it and says she knows why she was stood up.  Alexander says we’re different…V says finished, goodbye.
Jamie says he has a surprise.  It’s a lantern that spins and makes stars on the wall.  He tells Lydia to make a wish.  Taylor apologizes to Quinn and Haley.  She knows she’s been horrible and asks for another chance.  They all make up and Lydia turns to Jamie and says thank you.

Brooke goes to Julian on an empty set.  She tells him what happened.  She says she’s jealous and it makes her do crazy things because she loves him.  Julian kisses her.  He says you think too much, Brooke Davis.
Everyone sits with Lydia and watches a picture slideshow on the wall.
Alex sends someone a text and looks sad.
Alexander gets a text from Alex that asks where he is.  V finds him sitting on the curb outside of COB.  He says he likes her a lot.  V slaps him and then kisses him.
Alex goes to see Josh and kisses him.  She tells him not to talk. He starts his webcam before kissing her on the bed.
Lydia says I guess I did alright, didn’t I?  Lydia smiles and then passes.
Haley spreads ashes over water.  Everyone else throws flowers out and hug.
Haley pulls out the soup recipe in the kitchen and smells her mom’s apron.  She puts it on and opens the fridge.
Lauren goes to see Mouth and kisses him.  Skills walks in and says Miss me?
Brooke and Julian sit down with wine in her living room .  She puts it down and kisses him.
Haley tastes her soup and Jamie walks in and says it smells good.  She says it calls for a 7yo handsome boy to stir it.  Jamie says What are the chances?
Quinn tells Clay she loves him.  They kiss.  He says I love you too and nothing is going to change that.
Katie tells her roommate she’s going to get that agent.  She says it turns out I’m his type.