8.03 The Space In Between Reaction

This was a slow one for me, folks.  I know it was supposed to be somber and sad and full of tension but it just didn’t quite strike a chord with me.  Yes, some great moments, but overall, not a favorite.

  • Podcasts are close to my heart. And so is Mouth. And Mouth doing a podcast is just perfection and all feels right in the Tree Hill universe when Mouth is in front of a microphone.
  • Nathan wanting to save Clay was quite noble. “I love you.  I love the person you are.”  “Where’d you think I learned it?”  Ahh.  I love that.  Just think about where Nathan came from.  So good to see a character redeem themselves.   I enjoyed Clay’s “fly-on-the-wall” banter with him as he tried to decide what to do.  Also?  Jamie offering his kidney is so sweet.
  • As much as I’m not a fan of Quinn and Clay, it was sad to watch Quinn with Clay.  Shantel did a great job with those scenes.  And Nathan crying?  Break my heart!
  • I’m glad they sent Victoria to prison.  That sounds cruel but if she really was lying, then I’m glad she got a proper punishment.
  • That was pretty cool about Clay…I’m assuming it was Will’s kidney?  Nice one!

Also, I must mention the music was perfection this episode.  Beautiful!

What’d you think?

7.22 Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You Reaction

Wow!  This definitely hearkened back to the old OTH.  I’ve been saying they needed a reason to all be together.  For that reason, part of me misses the old high school days.  But this did just fine.   So good to see some Baley moments.  Good to see Skills and Mouth together.  The Brooke, Julian, Jamie stuff was funny.  So let’s get to it.

Haley’s storyline wrapped up beautifully.  The scenes while she were in the pool were fantastic.  Loved to see those moments again.  Good to see she got some professional help.  Loved the owl at the end and Jamie saying he loved to see her smile.  All really great.  And HOLY COW, she’s preggers!!!  Naley’s getting another baby!!!  So happy for them!

Brooke and Julian were so sweet tonight.  I think we’ve all seen an engagement coming and I’m glad we have that settled.  It was sweet and the ring was gorgeous.  Wasn’t Brooke gorgeous in that premiere outfit.  Wow!  I really hope we get to see them get married.  Not sure how they’ll do that without Peyton and Lucas but somehow I’d really love to see Brooke in a wedding dress and call Julian HUSBAND and not BOYFRIEND.  Big round of applause for them tonight!

Alex and Josh were pretty funny together tonight.  I really like Alex and hope she sticks around.

Mia and Grubbs had a nice ending.  The song is gorgeous and I think it fit right in with what was going on with him.

Mia and Alex…I was really liking them together and kind of cringed when Chase got that text.  Really hope that doesn’t string Mia and Chase along.

Good to see Mouth and Skills back together.  Skills and that coat was hilarious.  Mouth DANCING in that coat was hilarious. I  LOVE to see Lee Norris dance!  I’m gonna need some outtakes from that!   Speaking of dancing, that line from Skills about Quinn dancing had Heather and I ROFL.

But how about we all talk about the huge cliffhanger?  Quinn and Clay!!!  First off, we all know that it’s been rough between Quinn and I.  She’s slowly grown on me as a person through Season 7 but I’ve still never been a fan of Quinn and Clay together.  So the whole first couple of scenes with them in bed and then her in basically nothing made me throw up in my mouth a little.  Don’t get me wrong.  Quinn is absolutely stunning.  Stunning!  I’d kill for a backside like that these days.  But I just don’t get the two of them together.  Now when Quinn went traipsing through the snow to the Pub?  That was pretty hilarious.  Especially Mouth and Skills reaction.   Now as for the ending, was that not a shocker??? (well, except I’d read rumors it was happening but shhh)  But I mean, they did not mess around with that!  But here’s the thing…I did not cry at the end.  If anyone else on OTH had been shot, I’d be devastated.  I mean, they don’t usually kill off characters and when they do, it haunts me.  Jimmy?  Keith?  Yep, traumatized!  But ya’ll?  I don’t want to be mean and insensitive but I’m not crying right now.  If I am upset, I’m upset for Nathan and Haley and Jamie.  I don’t want them going through any more drama.  For that, I am very sad.  But just in case anyone who’s anyone is listening, I’m ok if Quinn and Clay don’t come back.  Even if they live through it and then have this be life-changing and they decide to leave Tree Hill to get away from Katie or the memories.  Whatever.  For the record, it’s ok with me.  I’m very sorry to Quinn and Clay fans because I know you’re out there but I just can’t pretend that has me upset.  But back to tonight’s episode I was definitely like Wow!  What just happened?!  What a way to end a season!!

OK, so here we are.  We have no idea (well, some) whether there will be a Season 8.  Brooke says you get the feeling it will all turn out happy but I don’t know, Quinn and Clay dying could shake things up pretty bad.  In good news, we leave Nathan and Haley with a little girl, Brooke and Julian married, Mouth living it up with girls and still with Skills as his best friend, Alex healthy, Josh off to make peace with himself and family, Grubbs off on tour.   I’d say they wrapped up most things with the exception of Quinn and Clay.  I want to take this to mean they know we’re getting a Season 8 because I’m pretty sure the writers wouldn’t end it with such a huge cliffhanger.  In that case, I’d like to see a time jump into Season 8 to Haley already having a little girl, possibly getting to see Brooke and Julian’s wedding.  Who knows what else!  I think it’s a great time to jump a little like OTH likes to do and give us a solid, short season with lots of drama.   Tonight was a great episode and definitely left me wanting more OTH.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to give up on OTH yet.  Can you imagine it never coming on again?? Whew, not me.  Bring on Season 8!

7.21 What’s In the Ground Belongs to You Reaction

Tonight was a solid episode.  Bethany Joy Galeotti owned this one hands down.

  • I have to start with Nathan and Haley because they were for sure the stars of this one.  All of Haley’s calls to her mother were just heartbreaking.  Nathan taking her on a ride and taking her to the riverwalk with the cracker jack box and the “it fixed me” line.  And then Haley jumping at the end.  I don’t know about you, but Haley was just heart-wrenching tonight.
  • On the flip side was poor Jamie bearing the brunt of his mother’s depression.  And like a child, all he still wants is his mother to be happy.
  • Quinn and Jamie were super cute. I  actually enjoyed trying to figure out the little treasure hunt. It’s good to see Quinn with something to do.  It’s good to see her smile.  All good, good, good.  Just thinking back to the first of Season 7, we have come leaps and bounds with her!
  • Katie really went over the edge.  I’m not familiar with her mental illness so I can’t really say how believable it was she would take it so seriously.  It seemed a tad over the edge.  But I have to say Clay scared me for a second there at the end and I thought he was seeing ghosts again but he ended up saving Katie.  Go Clay.
  • Miranda and Grubbs seemed a little like we were rehashing last week.  It’s been obvious they aren’t going to last and it was a little tiring see them break up again for another week.
  • Mia and Chase came out of nowhere.  I was into the Alex and Chase thing until Mia came back.  I love Kate Voegele, but I don’t know, I think I would have been ok with the text-only break-up.  Speaking of, Julian’s crack about phones was funny.
  • Brooke and Julian seem to be hanging in there with no issues, with just a few conversations to lead us into the film festival next week for the finale.

I can’t say enough how much I loved Naley in this ep.  Bravo!

7.20 Learning to Fall Reaction

I feel like maybe this week was simply setting up for our big finale.  Things were moving, but maybe a little slow this week.

  • I was really on Team, uh, what do we call Mouth and Lauren?  Mauren? Oh gosh, Larvin?  No!  Ok, so I really like Mouth and Lauren together so I’m kind of sad to see them part ways tonight even if it was for the sake of Skills.  So good to see Millie again.  She seems all cleaned up and her sweet self again.  I hope we see more of her!
  • Katie is still giving me really bad Carrie nightmares and ya’ll, I was done with Nanny Carrie about halfway through the corn field.  Pass!
  • Miranda and Grubbs seemed a little forced tonight.  The dancing, the writing, the kissing.  You know I love me some Grubbs but I don’t know, I think it’s all moving too fast even if he is trying to keep her in the States.
  • Brooke and Julian are really laying it on thick  with baths and bows tonight are they not?  I much prefer this than them mad at each other over a miscommunication so rock on, Brulian.  I dare say not much has looked so good in a red bow!  Although my only request is that they tie the knot before they untie the knot.  Sorry, had to.
  • I found Alex to be quite interesting this week.  From offering to sell the sex tape to deciding her and Josh were coming out as a couple, Alex was quite the schemer.   But I think in the best way a schemer can be.  She ended up saving the movie in both cases and while that can be considered selfish, I think Alex was doing it all in the right intentions.  At least the twists and turns are interesting.  I just can’t wait to see what one-liners Alex comes up with while in public with Josh.  Watch out!
  • Finally, Mrs. Haley.  Poor thing.  She’s really unraveling.  She’s gone to make soup instead of a music video and is lighting her piano on fire and yelling at Jamie.  She’s got serious issues and I think a professional is in order before she really hurts herself or someone.  Although from the looks of the previews, it doesn’t look like it happens fast enough!  Nathan was a sweetheart though and he was doing the best he knew how.  Just trying to stick with her before she let him in.  Awww…

Not a whole lot going on in this episode, just the chess pieces moving a bit.  I’d say a big Haley scene is coming, obviously a big Katie scene, possibly Brulian if they keep moving in the right direction and who knows what kind of drama will happen with Alex and Josh in public as a couple.  Two more episodes!!

7.19 Every Picture Tells a Story Reaction

Whoo Hoo!!  Tonight felt so great.  It’s been too long since I live-blogged an episode of One Tree Hill but it’s back!

Here’s my take:

  • While I like feisty Brooke, I also liked the Brooke we saw tonight.  Commanding yet compassionate.  I’m glad she’s happy and her and Julian seem like they’re on a good path.  Hopefully there’s nothing around the corner!
  • The sex tape.  So at the end and at the previews we find out Josh IS behind the whole deal but apparently it’s spiraled out of control.  And apparently Josh is gay??  What the heck is going on?  Did he want it leaked so everyone wouldn’t know he was gay?
  • TMI with Victoria and Alexander.  I think I’m over that.  If they try to make their relationship serious, I may seriously throw up.  Little gag reflex with the big reveal.  Didn’t you love Brooke’s reaction when the curtain came down?
  • Nathan is always super cute as a doting father but I wasn’t a big fan of the Kiss moment.  But I don’t want to dwell on that because the shaving and reading moments were really cute.  Speaking of Nathan as a father, it simply melted my little heart when Nathan told Haley he wanted another baby!!  Super squeeee!!!!  A Naley baby!
  • Let’s talk about Haley.  My heart broke for her when she went into the ugly cry at the pool.  While it was the “ugly cry” it wasn’t ugly.  It was a beautiful ugly cry.  Does that make sense?  In other words, Haley acted her butt off. I simply can not imagine losing my mother and whatever dark period she goes through, I don’t hold it against her for one second.  Bless her heart.
  • While I feel bad for Skills, I’m all Team Mouth and I just hope Skills and Mouth can make up eventually.
  • Katie.  Psycho Nanny 2.0 or is it Psycho Derek 3.0?  She’s lost her mind.  I’d really just like her arrested already somehow and kicked out of Tree Hill but it looks like we’re going to have to ride another psycho out.  I hope we survive!
  • Finally I fully enjoyed Quinn.  She looked smoking hot tonight and I loved that she had to do.  I like happy Quinn!

Overall I felt like this was a solid episode, probably one of my favorites of Season 7.