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May 18,2011

8.22 This Is My House, This Is My Home Ratings

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May 17,2011

8.22 This Is My House, This Is My Home Recap

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Jamie narrating talking about being born and raised in a magic town. Nathan has Lydia in pool. Jamie asks to go to River court by himself. Nathan lets him.
Brooke wakes Julian up to show him that she is showing. He says she still looks skinny.
Clay is looking at the empty space in his living room. He is missing chairy.
Chase and Alex are on the airfield. She is going to miss him. He says to meet him right back here one year from now and he will feel the same way.
Jamie runs up to the River Court. Chuck makes fun of Jamie girly shoe lace. The one he shares with Madison.
At school Madison says hi and she notices Jamie has removed the shoelace and he runs off with the boys.
Chase shows up to say goodbye to chuck and his mom says he is not home. As chase leaves Chuck looks out the window.

4 moths have passed. Brookes belly has increased 32.5 inches. Brooke and Julian are reading movie reviews. Julian’s movie has been reviewed well.
Millie and Mouth are now doing a show together. It is their first show. Millie is freaking out. It is called Mouth and Millie in the morning. Alex is their first guest.
Chase is in his bunk reading a letter that says 46 weeks to go.
At school Jamie runs into Madison. He asks why she is now wearing on black shoe lace. She says nothing and walks off.
Clay and Nathan are talking about finding new prospects and talking about having to go on the road.
Karen’s cafe. Nathan has baby Lydia and says she wants to test out the new stage. He puts on a little show.
Quinn and Jamie comes out of movie. Jamie tells her the girls forgives guy doesn’t happen in real life. Quinn asks if something happen with Madison. Madison walks by with a new boy.

Brooke is holding Lydia. It is opening day for the Cafe. Mouth and Millie are there to report it. Haley sings.
Chase in his bunk and picks up a magazine that shows ALex with a “guy”.
Jamie tells Quinn how he has tried to Madison back. He just her to like her back again.
Nathan and Haley in bed. Nathan justs wishes Dan could know his children.
Brooke at doctor. He says they are getting 3 heartbeats. She is carrying twins.

Julian is putting together crib. 3 more months till baby is due. He traces her stomach on wall again. Measures it and writes 38 inches.
Millie and Mouth doing good with their show but for a replacement in Charlotte and they want Millie.
Chase walks up to a poster of Mia preforming for USO.
Mia is performing live. After performance and she is signing autographs Chase walks up and Mia gives him a big hug.
Clay and Nathan are traveling. Almost home. Nathan is talking about the type of kid they need to find. One that always feels the need to work harder.
Mouth is really pushing Millie to take job. He thinks it would be good.
Chase tells Mia he is good most days. When she asks about Alex he yells into the mic that she stopped writing. Mia says she is a famous actress. Mia tells Chase she misses him and she is proud of him. He tells Mia her goodness inspires him and not too let that go anywhere.
Clay wakes Nathan and takes him to gym at 3am where they find a hard working kid shooting basketball after basketball at the hop.
Clay walks into his house to find his chair with a big red bow on it. He has Quinn come lay down with him in it.
The nursery is put together. Brooke is sitting in rocking chair. Brooke is excited and says it feels like Christmas.
Lydia is laughing. Nathan picks her up. He goes in to check on Jamie. He has Lydia in his hands. Haley walks in with a smile and sits down next to him. He is happy to be home.

Measuring Brooke Belly. At 7 months. 40 inches.
Jamie apologizes to Madison. He gives her back the shoe lace and tells her he never stopped liking her.
Skills is trying out for Millies job in the chicken suit. Millie walks in and says she won’t regret staying here. She loves Millie and Mouth in the morning. They hug and Mouth says ok it’s Mouth and Millie :)
Madison is wearing her shoe lace and Jamie has his in again. He smiles. She smiles as they walk aways from their lockers.
Out oh the porch listening to the waves Clay tells Quinn how she has changed a lot since Sarah died. She has taught him to look forward again. Quinn tells Clay of the love her parents shared and how she watched them being still and sharing that love.
Brooke is at Karens Cafe on a step stool trying to get flour down. She falls and you hear a big crash.
Julian’s phone rings he answers. He runs to the hospital. Brooke is in the bed. He tells her that her sons are here and she is here and their family is going to be ok.
He goes into the NICU and talks with his sons. He tells them is will all be ok. He says their mom’s strength is enough for all of them.

Chase in his uniform at the airfield – waiting. He goes to get in his car as Alex walks up. He says you stopped writing. She apologizes. He says it doesn’t matter he all they are from now on is what counts. They kiss.
Nathan pulls up to diner where Dan works and walks in. Dan is cleaning the grill. He shows Dana picture of Lydia. He shows Dan the baseball – the ball that Jamie hit first. He leaves them and starts to walk out. Dan say son thank you.
Jamie narrating. He says he was born in a magic time.
Chase walks up to River court where the boys are playing and yells for Chuck. Chuck runs up and gives him a big hug.
Brooke and Julian are enjoying their new family and boys Jude and Davis.
Jamie is reading a boys life to Lydia.
Jamie walks into Karens Cafe wearing a Scott sweatshirt with a bball and Haley closes the cafe with a smile.
Dan closes his diner and looks at the things Nathan brought him.
(All narrating parts below)
Alex and Chase are watching Julians movie.
Mouth and Millie leave the theatre.
Haley is playing in the cafe while Nathan watches.
Quinn is watching Clay.
Dan is looking at lydia’s picture.
Brooke and Julian are holding the babies.
Jamie bouncing basketball over the bridge :)

May 17,2011

8.22 This Is My House, This Is My Home Music

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A Moment Of Peace – Jarrod Gorbel A Moment of Peace - Ten Years Older EP
Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone
Clementine – Sarah Jaffe Clementine - Suburban Nature
Darkest Horse – Rosie and Me
Heart In Chains – Kate Voegele Heart in Chains - Gravity Happens (Deluxe Edition)
Kiss Quick – Matt Nathanson (Have to pre-order: expected release date – June 21, 2011) Matt Nathanson
Mah Na Mah Na – Mahna Mahna & The Snowths
Slow Your Breath Down – Future Of Forestry Slow Your Breath Down - Travel II - EP
Walk On The Ocean – Toad The Wet Sprocket Walk On the Ocean - P.S.
Why You Wanna – Jana Kramer Why You Wanna - Why You Wanna - Single
Wizbot – Sea Of Bees Wizbot - Songs for the Ravens

Source: CW

May 11,2011

8.21 Flightless Bird, American Mouth Quotes

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Mouth: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to an historic night of basketball. I’m Mouth McFadden and I’m along with my gamey partner Jimmy Edwards and, Jimmy, we’re in for a treat tonight.

Jamie: Its a bird, the Snipey Plover. It’s endangered.
Nathan: How do you know these things?
Jamie: I go to school, dad.
Nathan: That’s good. Stay in school, don’t do drugs.

Nathan: You can hang out with us instead. Except not in that shirt, who are you? Brian Boitano?
Clay: Brian Boitano won the gold in men’s figure skating.
Nathan: That’s my point, exactly.

Nathan: You’re a strange guy.
Clay: I know!
Nathan: No, seriously. You’re stranger than I thought you were.
Clay: You’re just noticing this? I’m a weird dude, an odd duck.

Jamie: This’s gonna be a blast, uh, Clay?
Clay [selflessly]: Yeah, this is really awesome.
Jamie [to Nathan]: How come he is wearing mom’s shirt?

Chuck [hits Nathan] CHUCK!
Nathan [hits him back]: NATHAN!

Chase: Alex (‘s gone) too. I mean, why will I care about she’s gone?
Nathan: Nice try.
Julian: Uhu.

Millie: I can totally do serious.
Boss: Maybe don’t go with the costume.
Millie: Got it.

Millie: It was weird that you were staying on your head, right?
Mouth: Totally, in case you didn’t notice, I’m weird, Millie, I’m an odd duck.

Chuck: Laaame!
Nathan: Speaking of lame, where is Clay?

Lauren: Unless you’re Brian Boitano.
Quinn: I think Clay’s got that shirt.

Nathan: Is there any place you’d rather be right now?
Clay: Puerto Rico.

Lauren: Hey, have you guys seen my shirt? Uh? Uh?

Mouth: Make sure you speak to the fact that it’s generational and small towns are define by places and things that we sometimes take for granted.

Nathan: You know, sometimes I think about when we were kids and the memories I have of my parents and their friends and then I think ‘this what they’ll remember when they look back.’ You know, these are the days they’ll tell stories about. That’s when I feel like I can do better, that I have the responsibility to try.

Julian [after telling Nathan that Brooke and him are pregnant]: I hope it’s a girl and that she’s just like her mom and that, someday, she’ll be best friends with Lydia Scott.
Nathan: I’ll drink to that.

Clay: I don’t understand camping. We’ve houses. We have beds, showers, flat irons…

Quinn: Sometimes it strikes me how poverty and privilege became silent neighbours and the world just keeps going… because it has to.

Chuck [to Chase]: I don’t want you to go.

Chase: Hope you know I was gonna tell you. A matter of fact, you’re the one I was worry about the most.
Chuck: Why?
Chase: Because I’m gonna miss you. Because we’re friends.
Chuck: Are you ever gonna come back?
Chase: Dude, of course I’m gonna come back

Mouth: Kids have grown up here. I should know, I was one of them. […] The truth is that a town’s identity is made of places like this one and once they’re gone, they’re gone. […] [Looking to Nathan] A lot of lost kids found their way to something better in this park, in a confusing world, at a confusing time in their lives. They found something that made sense here and they became better people because of it. Surely that is what preserves it.

Chuck [watching the bike that Chase bought him]: Man, this is better than those pictures miss Lauren sent me!

Haley: Karen’s cafe was always so special to us. Karen made sure of that and you too. I just thought maybe after you move I’ll reopen it and call it Karen’s cafe and maybe Jamie and Lydia will feel the same way that we did: safe, you know?

Thanks Nick!

May 11,2011

8.21 Flightless Bird, American Mouth Ratings

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May 10,2011

8.21 Flightless Bird, American Mouth Recap

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Mouth is at river court remembering old days at the river court.
Nathan is learning about sniping plover from Jamie. It is an endangered bird. He is packing a cooler.
Haley walks into Clothes over Bros and smiles.
Brooke, Quinn, Alex, Lauren are in Puerto Rico (PR). They look around resort and are happy. They jump up and down and scream.

Nathan is trying to get Clay to go camping with them. But is seems like Clay has other weird plans since Quinn is gone (a cooler, weird shirt, magazines and his chair). Nathan brings in Jamie with his “Please” face.
At the rivercourt Jamie and Nathan are setting up and Clay has joined them in his chair, with his magazines and his shirt with his cooler. Julian arrives and so does Chase and Chuck. The guys have funny discussion about girls being in PR and make fun of Clays shirt.
Girls are laying out by beach. They talk about dancing, drinks, and lots of whatever’s. They try to confirm with Brooke and she says whatever. Lauren and Quinn do not know she is pregnant. Alex says she will help her act.
Millie is in a dog suit and reporting on dog poop in her yard. Her boss asks where she comes up with stuff. Her rants have the attention of stuff. Boss wants her to do serious.
Haley is in Clothes over Bros and smiles as she puts paper over the door.

Alex and Brooke walk up to Quinn on the beach Lauren had to many drinks so she is in hotel. Quinn’s model walk up. She is hot.
Millie walks in and says she needs and idea. Mouth is standing on his head. Millie thinks it is odd. She says she needs to be serious, Mouth tells her she needs to do story on Rivercourt. He says he is an odd duck.
Guys are talking about how they are going to capture the sniping plover. Pictures of it. They look for clay. He is still in his chair, reading magazine and drinking drink.
Quinn is at her photo shoot. It is going well. Model says she likes what she is doing. Guy model agrees. Quinn looks up and say yes but it could be better. They rearrange and shoot some more.
Chuck has his mom’s phone. Chuck attempts to turn on bulldozer when Nathan calls them Jamie calls him on it and says he wasnt going to do it.
Girls are out eating. Alex helps Brooke get rid of her sushi while they talk about a crazy shirt a man is wearing. Quinn makes comment that she thinks Clay owns it.
Nathan brings in pizza. Clay speaks up and says they the plover builds his nest in ground. They ask him if there is anywhere else he would rather be. He says PR.
Girls are dancing.
Haley is hanging curtains in Clothes over Bros.
Girls are taking shots. Brooke is throwing them over her shoulder.
Brooke runs outside and finds some regular food and starts scarfing it down. Quinn walks up and offers her water and says congratulations. She has figured it out.

Mouth is telling Millie how to go about her report. They are in bed.
Lauren is really drunk. They get her to bed. Quinn is talking with model. She asks to take one last picture with her and they take crazy drunk looking one. She texts it to clay and Clay says Oh i should have gone to PR. All the girls are sending texts to their guys before bed.
Lauren is tearing into food. She take her clothes off and is taking pictures of herself. She drops her phone. Goes out to retrieve it and locks her self out in her underwear.
Nathan and Julian are awake by the fire. Julian tells Nathan that Brooke is pregnant.

Quinn asks Model to ride around with her as she shoots.
Nathan is remembering the old days on the river court. He says he going for a coffee run and clay is excited. he doesn’t understand camping.
Chase says he is excited for Julian. He tells Julian he has joined air force and will be leaving soon. Chuck overheard.
Quinn is driving through PR observing the poverty.
Millie is practicing speech.
Chuck has locked himself in Chase’s car. He looks at bulldozer.
Quinn takes pictures of the area. She gets the model interacting with the people.
Guys are talking. Chuck is in moving bulldozer now and he can’t turn it off. Chase jumps in. It runs over the camping site. All of Clays stuff.
Quinn is taking pictures of children playing the street in water.
Chuck apologizes. Chase is angry. Chuck doesn’t want Chase to leave. Chuck gives Chase a hug and says he doesn’t want him to go.

Clay is looking at his destroyed belongings. Nathan comes back and wants to know what happened.
Lauren wants to know what happened. She texted semi nude photos and she can’t remember to who.
Chase is talking with Chuck. He tells Chuck they are friends and that he is coming back. Chuck tell chase about when his dad left and never came back. His dad was supposed to get him a bike. Chase promises he will be back in no time. Chuck never learned how to ride a bike.
The girls are still looking to see who Lauren texted photo too. Lauren say who is next in her phone to Antwoine.
As the guys are packing up and thinking they tried their best they see the bird in the ground with it’s nest.
Millie is at River Court preparing for report, Mouth says she will be great.
As she begins she hands the mic to Mouth and lets him tell the story of the river court. The guys stand on the side lines. They clap as he ends.
Chuck comes out of his house. Chase has his old bike and says he will teach him how to ride. Chuck is happy and says this is better then the pictures Miss Lauren sent him.
Quinn pulls out a bdavis magazine and her photo is on the cover.
Haley has brookes eyes covered. She has tables and chairs and she is turning Clothes over Bros back into Karen’s Cafe. Brooke tells Haley she is not moving because she is pregnant and would love to be her partner.
Jamie and Nathan are on the Rivercourt. Nathan says if you make this the River court stays like this forvever. He shoots and makes it!.

May 10,2011

8.21 Flightless Bird, American Mouth Music

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Amor – Muevate Amor - Muevate!
Arms – Christina Perri Arms - Lovestrong.
Beautiful Trash – Lanu Beautiful Trash (feat. Megan Washington) - Her 12 Faces
De Cuba A Miami – Muevate De Cuba a Miami - Muevate!
El Farol – La Santa Cecilia El Farol - La Santa Cecilia
Home – OK SWEETHEART Home - Home
It Doesn’t Matter (An Association) – Hotel Eden
La Vida Buena – Muevate La Vida Buena - Muevate!
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - Teenage Dream (Deluxe Edition)
Puzzle Pieces – Saint Motel Puzzle Pieces - Puzzle Pieces - Single
Rolling In The Deep – Adele Rolling In the Deep - 21
Take Me Away – The Dimes
Wash U Clean – Beth Thornley Wash U Clean - Wash U Clean
Where The Sun Shines Free – Lizzie Brown

Source- The CW

May 04,2011

8.20 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul Ratings

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May 03,2011

8.20 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul Quotes

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Julian: Where are we brooke davis?
Brooke: At the hospital
Julian: Why are we at the hospital
Brooke: Were getting a baby

Ian Kellerman: Where are we going again?
Clay: Right here * On the bridge of the accident with Brooke and Jamie *

Brooke: I have come to offer you a trade, reminence from Karens cafe for Lydia? Straight up.
Haley: Oh, I dont know.. Sounds tempting
Brooke: Ill throw in the car, my sunglasses, car has new tires
Haley: What do you say?Say no deal, I like it here. Sorry
You can have the sign anyway, I know Karens meant a lot to you
Thank you so much I always wanted that
Im getting so sad today
Thinking about rivercourt and now the sign, I feel likeits the end of something really good its sad
On the upside I was talking to Lydia and she told me she wants to visit aunt Brooke every weekend in NY, Shopping and seeing plays
Im going to miss you brooke davis

Jamie: *Walking up to bat *
Nathan: Alright buddy here we go!
Umpire: Strike One! Strike Two! Strike Three!
Chuck: You bat like my mom
Jamie: How about we ask her? oh wait she isnt even here!

Chase: I need you to play guitar now, quickly
Alex: * Laughs and snorts *

Quinn: Baby, guess where I’m going? Puertoooo Ricoooo, do you want to come?
Clay: I can’t I have work
Quinn: I guess I will do the Supermodel Bikini shoot alone
Clay: Puerto Rico souds great… I mean nothing compares to my baby
Quinn: * glares at him *
Clay: Careful I’m sweaty
Quinn: Yeah, you will be

* Quinn stands in a bikini *
Clay: Holy Cow!
Quinn: Don’t say cow!
Clay: I want to go to Puerto Rico, its the only place I want to be
Quinn: Thats sweet, maybe I can waer this in the hot tub after Jamies game

Clay: Didnt you work out today?
Quinn: Im working on two a day
Clay: Your worried about those swim suit models?
Quinn: You know those TSA machines that show you naked? I have to look good for those.

Nathan: Where is Quinn?
Clay: She had a few errands to run and a spray tan she will be here soon.
* Flash back *
Chase: Hello?
Lady: This is the clinic, we need you to come take a retest?
Chase: Okay? Why
Lady: There was a mix up with your sample
Chase: Are you sure?
Lady: Yes, Unless your pregnant.

Clay: Babe.. Maybe it will get on me, I could use the tan.
Quinn: *laughs*
Clay: Can I interest you in a hot shower ?
Quinn and Clay: * laughs hysterically *

Nathan: I couldnt do it, I pulled up to Dans and I couldnt go in
Haley: Its okay.

Brooke: Were pregnant

Thanks Emily!

What were your favorites tonight?

May 03,2011

8.20 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul Recap

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National Anthem playing Jamie speaking reciting from “Casey at Bat” poem. It is his first game. Teams are lined up on the field hats off while Madison plays the anthem. They head to dugout. Julian talks he begins to tell team he is leaving to go to New York as umpire yells play ball and kids run out to field.
Scene goes to him watching film of he and Brooke walking into hospital before chloe had her baby. She was happy.  He is drinking and goes to delete film but can’t. Nathan knocks on door. Nathan takes Julian glass and it is ginger ale Julian is drinking. Nathan tells Julian they have wrong killer. He tells him it was Ian.
Nathan is telling Clay. He is trying to put pieces together and is realizing that August was lying.
Ian is out on field practicing. He looks at the window where his dads office would have been.
Professor Kellerman walks onto baseball mound and picks up a ball. Nathan walks up ans says they need to talk. Kellerman throws him the ball. American Flag comes across screen.

Brooke is packing up boxes. She comes across Karen’s Cafe sign.
Chase and Alex are in bed together. She makes remarks about baby steps. He says it was fair she played guitar. She laughs and snorts.
Pitcher throws a strike. Julian and Clay are praising from the sidelines. Julian looks over and sees a very orange looking Quinn sitting in stands and asks Clay what happened. Clay is not paying attention and said she was coming.
Flash back Scene – Quinn comes in happy while Clay is working out and says she got an offer to shoot a job in Puerto Rico. Clay can’t go because he had training camp but he says asks the girls to go.
Flash forward to game – Sharks are up to hit. Chuck hits first. He is not happy.
Chase is at airfield. Flashback. Chuck it telling Chase about his game. Chase says he will be there. Flash forward. He is not.
Brooke walks in with Karen Cafe sign and offer trade for Lydia. Haley says probably not. Brooke gives her the sign. Haley is thinking about the rivercourt and she is thinking that is the end of something. Haley says she is going to miss brooke when she goes to New York.
Nathan and Professor are talking about him covering for his son. He says he did it because it was his son. He says he hasn’t had a drink since his wife died. He says they are fathers it is what we do for our kids.

Jamie up to hit. He narrating lines from “Casey at Bat” poem. Nathan is watching. Swung and a miss. Strike 1. Strike 2. Strike 3. He walks to dugout to head back out to field. Chuck is suiting up in catcher outfit. Chuck spouts off that Jamie bats like his mom. Jamie says lets asks her and then says oh wait she not here is she? He walks off.
Flashback to tric. Alex walks up and Chase introduces her to chuck. Chuck gets grossed out when Alex talks about holding hands and the movies and he walks off. Chase then asks Alex is she has ever done a drug test. He wants to know how long it takes for a couple hits off a joint to wear off. He was forced to take a couple at the kid cudi show. Chase asks if Alex can help him.
Quinn is trying on bathing suit. Clay is calling her. She takes a picture of herself on his phone and tell him to hurry.
Flashes forward to him looking at the picture at baseball game.
Nathan is talking with Haley about the Professor. He is talking about his dad and his feeling. Haley tells Nathan that he should maybe go to the diner and tell his dad how he feels.
Quinn’s butt is going up and down. She is working out extra so she looks good naked for the scan at the airport
Chase is still at airfield. Flashback. Chase’s phone rings. Clinic calls and asks him to come in they had a mix up with his test. He smiles and say yeah. She says yes i don’t think you are pregnant. Flash forward – Alex pulls up to airfield in her car and he says we need to talk.
Madison is hitting and she is walked. Nathan catches a glimpse of Quinn and asks Clay what happened. Clay who still hasn’t look says she is getting a spray tan and will be along shortly.
Flashback. Quinn at tanning place asks for darkest shade saying she will be fine.
Flashforward. Clay says she will be here bit Ian won’t be here with a smile.
Flashback. Clay and Nathan are talking about who should be bad cop and good cop with Ian. They say Julian should talk with him.
Clay, Nathan, and Julian are with Ian in car. Ian does not know where they are going.
Jamie is at bat again. He is reciting poem again and strikes out.

Baseball game: This it. Clay does not want any extra inning. Julian starts talking about leaving again. Nathan interrupts and says lets go. 1 to tie 2 run to win. Chuck is up to bat. As he walks to plate Chase and Alex walk up to fence. Chuck smiles and alex hands him her glasses. Chuck gets a base hit and Chuck’s Julian. Madison is up next. Quinn walks behind Clay and he gets his first look at her. She says oh I am so tan bet you can’t wait for our date later? It is first time the whole game Clay has told them to waste time and slow down.
Ian is pitching scouts are watching. His face is bruised. Flashback – guys are in the car and asking Ian about his dad.
Haley is looking at the Karens Cafe sign.
They take Ian to the spot the crash happened. Julian starts explaining what happened the night the accident happened. Ian is still defending himself saying it was his father. The guys push him further and Ian says they should be happy that they dodged a bullet. He is going to be somebody. That is when Clay pushes him over the bridge. Julian runs down and repeatedly pushes his head under water. Nathan puts his hand out to pull him out of water but instead punches him in the face. They leave him there and tell him he can walk home.

Madison hits the ball. Team happy. Flashforward _ Clay in hot tub – Quinn gets in and her spray tan comes off. They laugh.
FLashback to game – Jamie is hitting ball. Flash forward – Nathan is meeting with Professor on his boat. Nathan apologizes for thinking he was like his dad and Professor apologizes too. Professor tells Nathan to call him August. He decides he is going to set sail on his boat and tells Nathan two words to deal with the River Court Condo’s. Piping Plover.

Ian is pitching. Scene goes to kids game. Jamie is hitting. Nathan tells Jamie to remember that it s just a game.
Nathan drives to diner.
Nathan walks into nursery. He tells Haley he couldn’t do it. HE couldn’t go see dan.
Jamie is focused on the pitcher. Strike 2.
Flash back. Chase tells Alex he wants to join the air force but he will stay with her because she is pregnant. She is taken back with what he said and says she has something she needs to tell him now.
Julian is on field and Brooke says she turned down job. She has turned down job because she doesn’t want her child growing up with playground on rooftop like in New York. Turns out she is pregnant.
Jamie is up at bat with 2 strikes as he is focused he finally hits the ball!