8.22 This Is My House, This Is My Home Reaction

Wow, we are at the end of Season 8.  Seems like we were just fighting for it and now it is over.

This episode I think seemed a little choppy and a little forced and a little slow all at the same time.   But, it was nice to see so many things wrap up.  I’m very interested to see where the last 13 episodes are going to go.  With the baby boom in Tree Hill, I would love to see another time jump with Jamie’s generation and yes, I still miss Lucas and hope they get him back.

  • I loved Brooke and Julian having twins.  I loved how they measured her belly.  I hate though that her accident was just glossed over.  I didn’t get to feel the full impact of that.
  • I loved Karen’s Cafe being opened.  I think I said it last week but I really wish they’d have done it earlier and  more scenes could have been there.
  • I love seeing Naley and family.  That shot of the four of them sitting on the bed was priceless.
  • I enjoyed seeing Clay and Nathan look for the next “Nathan”.  Would have liked to see Nathan mentor someone like that.
  • So good to see Dan.  More Dan, please!
  • I loved the idea of Mouth and Millie morning show.  Glad she didn’t take the Charlotte job and I’d really like to see more of the show.
  • I’m happy that Chase and Alex got back together.  Also good to see a great relationship between Chase and Mia.
  • The final scene with Jamie brought tears to my eyes.  Such a full-circle moment.  I wish that would have been the series finale just so that could be the final scene.  So much hope for Tree Hill and the generations to come.

So we shall see what Season 9 brings.  What’d you think of the finale and what do you hope for in Season 9?

8.21 Flightless Bird, American Mouth Reaction

I feel like such a downer in my past few reviews.  I just can’t believe that this could be the 2nd to last episode ever.  First, nothing happened.  Second, we spent more time with Chuck and a very  stranger-to-us blonde in a bikini than we did with any of the core folks.  What is with that??  Third, I felt like Puerto Rico was just an excuse to see our beautiful OTH girls in bikinis the entire episode.  While beautiful, I think it was a waste of a gorgeous location.  No decent drama whatsoever!  There were some good moments though, let’s concentrate on that:

  • Mouth’s speech at the Rivercourt was tear-inducing.  I think it’s just a symbol of letting go not only of the RC in the show but of the show in its entirety.  We watched them grow up and now we might have to let them go.
  • Brooke faking eating was hilarious.
  • Lauren drunk was probably more hilarious.
  • So happy Haley is reopening COB as Karen’s Cafe.  I wish they would have done it sooner instead of wasting the space so we could enjoy it too.
  • The closing scene with Jamie and Nathan on the RC was just precious.  Could be my favorite scene of the whole season.

Next week looks very juicy though.  A very pregnant Brooke and Dan caught my eye the most!

What’d you think of tonight?

8.20 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul Reaction

I have to get this out of the way first.  I was not a fan of those flashback type scenes.  I got totally lost on what was happening and it felt so spastic.   That said, I have to think really hard about what actually happened.

  • I’m just “eh” about how they took Ian out to the bridge.  I felt like they were being school bullies and while I’ve said in the past I like Nathan’s edge, this just felt a bit, I don’t know, beneath him at this point.
  • Clay was HILARIOUS this episode.  I really did enjoy his comedic moments.
  • However, that being said I felt like it was really weird in one scene he was being funny about a spray tan and the next he’s throwing someone off the bridge.  There was just no flow to the episode at all.
  • I did like Nathan dealing with the Professor. I thought it was cool how they brought in him dealing with Dan and I liked Haley’s comments about him going to talk to Dan for Nathan and not Dan’s sake.
  • I got really tired of seeing a little league baseball game.  HOWEVER, I nearly cried when Nathan told Jamie the game was just a game.  Lovely full-circle moment for the show.
  • SO HAPPY for Brooke and Julian!  I thought she couldn’t have kids, but ok!  I’ll take it!

I think the stories were actually decent this week but as I said, I had a hard time following watching it.

Next week looks like a lot of fun in Puerto Rico!

What’d you think?

8.19 Where Not To Look For Freedom Reaction

Hm, how do I say this?  That episode was just ok for me.  There were some good spots though.

  • I loved seeing the fire back in Nathan.  I especially loved the calm sort-of passive aggressive tone he took with Jamie against Kellerman in class.
  • And also loved Julian for the same.  Nice seeing him have a little storyline on his own.
  • As for the storyline, I don’t think it was a big shock that Jr was the real culprit.  I’m glad Nathan finally started putting the pieces together at the end.
  • I feel so bad for Brooke.  And honestly, I kind of like seeing this side of Brooke.  Fun Brooke is fun sometimes but I like the deep, a little depressed Brooke too.  I hope she takes the job in NY.  It is sad for her to leave Tree Hill, but it really is a great offer.
  • Seeing Haley with the baby was awesome.  I just love that her real-life pregnancy was played out on the show instead of trying to hide it.  I think because of it many have been endeared to Haley and even moreso Joy.  Sharing that experience on-screen and a little through her blog and Twitter I think as a fan has really been fantastic.  So thank you, Joy, for letting the audience share that with you a bit.
  • Really good to see Mouth and Skills but not good to see the news about the Rivercourt.  Would be super sad to see that go.
  • I super duper LOVE Alex/Jana’s song.  I think she’s a great performer and she’s got a great sound!  And seriously, I’m not just saying that.

Seems like tonight maybe wasn’t so bad as much as it was just a set up to what looks like an insane next two weeks!

What’d you think?

8.18 Quiet Little Voices Reaction

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan and Haley!  We have a little Lydia!  Was she not adorable??

And I want to be saying congratulations to Brooke and Julian but oh my, what a sad note to end this episode on.  I wanted to come out feeling extraordinarily happy for little Lydia but I have to say it was overshadowed by the loss for Brooke and Julian.  And not saying it shouldn’t be a big deal.  They both should be a big deal but I’m afraid Lydia’s moment got stolen.  Heck, we didn’t even get to see Nathan with the baby!

I don’t have all bad things to say.  Austin did a great job directing.  That shot of Brooke and Julian upset with Nathan in the background was heart-wrenching.  Brooke going in and having to hold Lydia was heart-wrenching.

I also enjoyed the mesh of flashbacks but I have to say, by the end it was a tad too much for my taste.  It seemed there was more time spent in the past than in the present and while I like the past much better, it only made the present look that much worse.    Sorry to be harsh but I think by the end I was itching for old scenes to get through just so we could move on with current time.  BUT I did especially enjoy seeing Nathan being so vulnerable with Haley back in the day and the scene with Dan made me want more Evil Dan!

The cracker scene was hilarious and I really hope to see outtakes of that on the DVD.  Clay had perfected the art of spraying cracker while talking.

I enjoyed Jamie’s voiceovers and loved Haley’s at the end even more.

I do have one more nitpick…not a fan of “Lydia Bob”.  Haley Bob rolls off your tongue but Lydia Bob feels hokey to me.

Music was outstanding this episode.  I wanted to buy every song.  Well done, Lindsay Wolfington.

All in all, a good episode.  It will be interesting to see what happens with Brooke and Julian as well as watching the Scott family adjust to a new little one.  And it looks like there is going to finally be some drama surrounding the car accident.

What’d you think?