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Mar 28,2012

9.12 Anyone Who Had A Heart Music

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Empty Threat – Kathleen Edwards Empty Threat - Voyageur
Everything Is Brilliant – Rosi Golan Everything Is Brilliant - Lead Balloon
Feeling of Being – Lucy Schwartz Feeling of Being - Keep Me - EP
Free Like You Make Me – Cary Brothers Free Like You Make Me - Free Like You Make Me - Single
Gimme Sunshine – Ryan Adams
Gonna Be Happy – Cathy Heller Gonna Be Happy (feat. Kyler England & Bill Lefler) - You're Home to Me - EP
Morning Light – Jonathan Jones Morning Light - Community Group
Out Of The Storm – Green River Ordinance Out of the Storm - The Morning Passengers (Acoustic Sessions) - EP
Protecting God – Eastern Block Protecting God - Past Palace
The Day Is Long, The Night Is Young – Trent Dabbs The Day Is Long, the Night Is Young - The Day Is Long, the Night Is Young - Single

Mar 21,2012

9.11 Danny Boy Recap

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Nathan tells Julian to hurry up. He had never been in a cop car and he doesn’t know where the siren is. Dan says it is switch in the middle. Nathan tells his dad it will be ok. Dan flashes to Karen and the word murder being written on the wall.
Brooke hears Julian over the cops radio and she is gone.
Dan is remembering shooting Keith. They pull up to the hospital. Haley is running around the hospital looking for Nathan. She sees him He says Hi Hals. She says say it again. They hug and kiss.

Nathan and Haley are hugging. Nathan tells Haley it is ok and he loves her. She thanks him for coming home to her. He says always.
Clay rings a doorbell. Two elderly people answer and he says they must hate him. He asks if Logan is ok.They say they dont him. This is Sara’s parents. He leaves.
Brooke finds Julian. He tells her Dan was shot. She tells him about Xavier and that she is ok. They hug.
Haley comes in with vanilla ice cream and says she is going to fill the freezer full of rocky road when they get home. Brooke comes in and want to give Nate a hug. Haley Thanks Julian. Nate hugs Julian.
Quinn gets a call from Haley. She tells her they found Nathan.
Brooke answers her door. It is her dad. He says he came to make sure she was ok.
Haley is laying on Nate. He says she doesnt have to stay the whole time and she asks if he is kidding. Doctor comes in and says that they can do no more for Dan. Jamie comes running in. Deb and Lydia come in behind.

Jamie is playing games on his phone. Haley asks how his time with Uncle Lucas was. He asks why his mom is giving him the look. A bad look like something is going to happen. She tells him about Grandpa Dan. Jamie jumps in and says He will be ok – It’s Grandpa Dan.
Dan wakes up to Nathan sitting next to him and he asks who died. Nathan says this is his fault. Nate says that friends and family want to see him. Dan says he didnt know he had either and flashes back to many choking him. Jamie apologizes for yelling at his grandpa the last time and Dan says he has nothing to be sorry for. Jamie asks if he will be staying with him when he gets out and Dan says he doesnt think this time he will be getting out. Jamie says he thinks he will be fine.
Clay is Nate and he is telling him about Logan. They are both taking in the fact that one Nate was kidnapped and two Clay is a father.
Haley and Quinn hug. Haley thanks Quinn for being so supportive. They talk about Logan. As Haley says it must have been hard for Logan to grow up with out a father and that he will come around Clay walk up behind her. She turns around and gives him a hug and congratulates him.
Brooke is with her dad. He says he doesnt want to talk about designs he just want to focus on her.
Nate wakes up haley who is sleeping in the hospital bed. He is excited that Lydia is walking. Haley bursts into tears. She says she had been trying to keep it together for so long and it was so hard trying not to imagine what it would be like not waking up to Nathan everyday.

Julian is in his sound studio and pull out Lucas’s book. The Unkindness of Ravens.
Jamie and Nate are playing checkers on the hospital bed and Clay is watching through the glass.
Brooke has made dinner for her dad and family. Julian comes in and says he has found a project for his sound stage. The book Unkindness of Ravens. She was shocked when she learned her dad read the book.
Clay goes back to Sara’s parents house. He says he needs to see Lagan. He has been away to long.
Brooke asks is her dad just came to town to see her. He says no they can sell Bakerman.
Jamie and Nate are playing go fish. Jamie is asking if they can all go camping when Grandpa Dan gets out. Nate says he isnt getting out this time. Nate says he is dying. Jamie asks if Nate has told Lydia yet cause he will her.
Dan is remembering all the close calls he had with death. Haley walks in with Lydia. Haley says Lucas wont be coming. Dan says he understands. He apologies to Haley for taking away Keith and says she is the best thing that could have happened to Nate. She lets him hold Lydia. Jamie walks in. He says he is supposed to be tough but he doesnt feel very tough.

Clay brings Logan an airplane. he gets excited then sets it down. Clay talked about being sick again. Logan asks about him wondering away again. Clay said he wasnt wondering away he was looking for something and he found it. Logan gets up and gives him a hug. Clay smiles.
Brooke is putting the babies down. Julian asks is she is ok. Julian said she should tell him exactly how she feels.
Dan is remembering the dealership fire. Deb is in the room. She tells him he has done a good thing. He tells her to stop blaming herself for Keith’s death.
Nathans asks how Haley is so strong. How she does it. He has never lost anyone so close. He feels guilty for hating him for so long. She says he might need closure and he should go talk with him
Brooke tells her dad she is not selling Baker man.

Clay introduces Logan to Quinn.
Brooke is looking at sketches. She is upset by her dad’s betrayal.
Nathan is with his dad. They are talking on the RiverCourt. They talk about Keith and what happened in the hallway when he shot him. He says he was just so jealous of Keith that he thought if he pulled the trigger it would all get better but when he did it just got worse and so he apologized to Nathan. Nathan said you don’t need to apologize to me that he is his dad and he loves him. They get and play some ball on the River court just ball no scores. At this point monitors start to go off and you realize Dan is dying. Dan opens his eyes and he sees Keith. Keith takes him to the school where the shooting takes place in the school. Dan apologizes and Keith forgives him.

Mar 21,2012

9.11 Danny Boy Music

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Emily’s Rain – Peter Bradley Adams Emily's Rain - Between Us
Goodbye Goodbye – Michael Logen Goodbye Goodbye... - Goodbye Goodbye... - Single
I Believe – Brooke Annibale I Believe - Silence Worth Breaking
Life’s Little Game – Jack Savoretti
Never Let Me Go – Florence + The Machine Never Let Me Go - Ceremonials (Deluxe Version)
Stay By Your Side – Waterdeep Stay By Your Side - No Doubt of Sunshine
The Best Thing – Doveman The Best Thing - The Conformist
Us Against The World – Coldplay Us Against the World - Mylo Xyloto
Vice Verses – Switchfoot Vice Verses - Vice Verses

Mar 14,2012

9.10 – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Music

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Chameleon/Comedian – Kathleen Edwards Chameleon/Comedian - Voyageur
Forests – JBM (not available)
Leave My Body – Florence + The Machine Leave My Body - Ceremonials
Reset – Lucie Silvas (not available )

Mar 14,2012

9.10 – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Recap

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Dan and Julian open up a trunk and Julian freaks when there is a possibly dead drug dealer in the back. Dan says it will be ok noone is going to jail they are the only one that knows. Then Chris walks up and asks if the man is dead.
Nathan is still tied to chair. Dmitri takes picture with the newspaper in his lap. He goes to put black thing bag on his head and Nathan with a worn and tired voice asks him not too. And he does not.
Haley is running on the treadmill.
Brooke walks into Karens Cafe. It has been wrecked. She looks across the street.
Chris pokes at the man. He makes a noise. He’s not dead. Chris says he has come to help. Chris followed Haley and that is how he knew where Dan was. Julian is still freakin. He says they should go to cops. Dan says no. He has studied them and warehouse. He doesnt trust them. Julian says he will help. Chris agrees to help but he doesnt like it. Dan hands them a gun. They both look at it weirdly. Dan says in third person he doesnt this.

Quinn and Clay are driving. He is remembering when he told Quinn about Sara’s death. Then he says Quinn saved him.
Nathan narrates. Talking about his time captured. He decided instead of giving them something he would give them nothing and one word came to mind. Fortitude.
Brooke is cleaning up. Tara walks in. Brooke throws a glass at her head. Brooke tells her to leave. One way or the other she is to blame for what happened. Tara leaves.
Julian and Chris are practicing shooting. Dan starts giving Chris crap cause he is in a loose loose situation when Nathan comes home. Chris points out that Dan is too. Chris looses something he never had. Dan looses something he did. Julian is doing this for justice. Dan shoots and his gun takes out all the bottles at once. Chris says he wants one of those. Dan tells them to keep practicing.

Clay and Quinn driving. Clay says he is thinking about Nathan. Clay says he is alive and will be home soon. Anything else is too impossible.
Dan, Chris, and Julian are at a warehouse. He has Julian get out and cut the lock. As Julian comes back he tells Chris to lock doors. He tell him to go him he has a family. Dan drives off.
Brooke is cleaning up and finds a x carved into her counter.
Julian is watching from a tree and his phone rings. Brooke says she will not let xavier intimidate her anymore. Julian says she needs to go home not to do anything stupid. She as she rubs her finger across the x says ok.
Brooke remembers closing the door and being attacked a few years back. The lights go out.
Haley is remembering an argument that she and nathan had when she tells Nathan she wants to be alone as she looks at the kitchen floor.

Brooke is trying to figure out how to turn the lights on.
Dan is giving Chris instructions on what to do. Chris is a little scared. They both get out of the car.
Brooke is messing with the box. Xavier is at the door.
Dan and Chris are surveying the situation. Chris get a little more confident when he see the man he has to deal with is little.
Brooke locks the door to Karens. She goes out side. Xavier starts to follow.
Clay and Quinn end up in cemetery. He is at Sara’s grave.
The guards switch and a bigger comes out. Chris get a little freaked.
Brooke walks into parking garage(?). Rock a bye baby music is playing. She looks around. She walks to the elevator button. Hits it frantically. Gets on doors close. As doors open Xavier is standing there and sings cradle and all.

Brooke says she is not afraid. He pulls out a knife. He throws her out of the elevator. Puts the knife to her neck. He speaks to her calls her a horror and tells her a real man has come her dreams have come true. He put the knife down and goes to kiss her. She takes her thumbs and sticks them in his eyes. He comes up and she scoots out and runs. He gets up and goes after her.
Dan shoots a man. Chris is waiting to what he has to do.
Brooke is hiding behind a car.
Chris takes the car and rams it up against the wall hitting someone creating a huge distraction. The man inside with Nathan goes out to see what has happened.
Dan is inside taking people out.
Dmitri walks in and shoots 4 times man in chair with bag on his (where nathan has been). He goes and pulls the bag off and it is the drug dealer.
Dan has Nathan. He tells him it will be ok.

Clay takes flowers to Sara. He catches her up and says he remembers having a kid and he wont let her down.
Haley is watching an old press conference of Nathan’s. She is in tears.
Dan asks how Nate is doing. Can you walk. yes. Can you run. He is not sure. Dan says he will carry him if that is what it takes to save him.
Brooke is running from xavier. The both fall down concrete stairs.
San tells Nate the he is his son. He will not let anything happen to him. And they go to get out.
Brooke is up against the wall. She asks xavier why. He goes on about killing her friend and how the look in someones eye right before you do it. Then he is taized from the back. It is Tara. Xavier goes down to the ground. Brooke takes it and taizes his heart.
Dan and Nathan are making their way. Nathan is struggling. He tells Nathan to stop. Dmitri comes around and shoots Dan. Dan hits the ground. Nathan pulls out a gun and shoots him. The cop comes around the corner and tells Nathan to out the gun. Nathan drops it. Julian comes around the corner and hits the cop in the head with a pipe. Nathan walks to Dan and starts saying Dad.
Clays says that Logan’s first word was dad.
Brooke thanks Tara for helping her. Tara apologizes for not listening to her. Tara says she is going to sell the cafe.
Nathan is telling Dan to stay with him. Julian pull out his phone.
Haley pulls out her phone. Her phone rings. She answers. Hello….

Mar 07,2012

9.09 – Every Breath Is A Bomb Recap

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Haley and Dan are in a car together watching a drug dealer. He is telling her what he knows about who he thinks has Nathan. She goes to get out of the car. He stops her and tells her to be smart. She asks his plan.
Chase is in back of police car. He says he is not one to be arrested. The guy was beating his son. The officer goes to question Chuck. Chucks mother says tell the truth your father never hit you.And chuck shakes his head no.
Clay is holding Quinns hand. He says he had a son. He explains he erased him from his memory. He says he has a son and it is Logan.
Brooke and Julian are putting the babies to bed. She is having a hard time with him out on the streets not knowing where he is. Julian says he will not let anything happen to her.
The door opens to Tara’s cafe. She is looking at receipts and says she is closed. Xavier walks in. She asks if she can help him with something.

Skills wakes up mouth. Skills says he is taking his dog out for a run. He is referring to Mouth.
Clay is out on deck. He is going through pictures. He can remember is all now. He is having a hard time believing that he forgot it all. Quinn says it is ok and she is going to go with him.
Several plumbers are coming into Karens cafe for a broken toilet. After she realizes it is probably coming from next door she runs across and demands the boss. She drops the coffee pot when she sees Xavier working.
Chris bails out Chase. Chris tells him not to skip town and Chase says he is not going anywhere.
Brooke asks why Tara hired xavier and she lists a whole bunch a reason. Brooke says he murdered a kid. Tara reminds her she had a murderer too.
Skills and Mouth are running and arrive at River Court. Skills ask what happened. Mouth says his job made him eat a lot. Skills asks if he has been unhappy about anything that unhappy people sometimes eat. Then he makes mouth do 50 push ups.
Dan gets a gun. Haley wasnt so sure about it and she says she has a better plan.

Chase is looking over his uniform. He heads out the door.
Clay is with the doctor. The doc is trying to explain how all this happened and what happened to his brain. Quinn is with him. Clay says he doesnt want to be angry. He wants some guidance. The Doctor says go talk to your son.
Chase goes to Chucks. His mom answers and he asks for a minute. Chase says he could be going to jail and he say she needs to make sure that Chuck is safe. Chuck comes out as Chase is leaving and Chuck apologizes.
Brooke and Julian are visiting with the parole officer. The officer says it is a small town and they have no proof he is doing anything illegal so there is not much he can do.
Skills and Mouth walk to Jimmy’s grave. They remember him.
Brooke is telling Haley that xavier is working at the cafe next door. Haley tells Brooke she is working with Dan. She asks Brooke for help. She hands her some high heeled boots.
Haley walks into a bar totally dressed in a sexy outfit. Takes a shot. Looks at the target guy her and Dan want to talk with and says. “well you want to buy me another one.”

Chris asks what is going to happen. Chase say he doesnt regret what he did. He doesnt blame Chuck.
Brooke at the cafe says she cant handle watching xavier next door. He will wait till she is watching and strike. He leaves and Julian says lets follow him. They want proof he is no good. We will get it.
Chris goes into Red bedroom and the twin in the studio he asks for advice on how to help Chase. They recommend he go talk to the kid.
Clay is not sure he can talk to Logan. Quin reassures him he can do it. Logan is sitting on the bench outside. Clay goes and sits down. Clay asks how he has been eating and Logan says he is weird. Logan asks more about the comic characters. Clay ask about his parents. He says his mom went to heaven and his dad got really really sad and had to go away. But that it was ok because spiderman lost his parent too.
Chris goes to Chuck. Chuck is sad. He doesnt want chase to be mad at him. Chris says you keep trying to be like me but you should be trying to be more like him.
Brooke and Julian follow Xavier to a house wear he broke a window to get in. Brooke calls the police to report a break in.
Haley is listening to the man speak. He is talking about breaking all the bones in a mans body. She says she needs more and gets him to leave. As she walks out of the bar and he make an inappropriate comment Dan comes around and grabs him and beats the crap out of him. Haley put on her sunglasses and walks away!!

Brooke wants to know what is taking so long. The police come over to see if they called in. He tells them that the house is a friends of his and everything check out. Xavier is staring at them from across the street.
Mouth is staring at takeout menus on the fridge. He smiles grabs the wastebaskets and throws the all in the trash.
Quinn and the doctor are sitting in rocking chairs. Clay is playing with Logan in the grass.
Chase is in uniform at his trial. The guy says he has a character witness here to speak on his behalf. Chuck and his mom walk in. Chucks says he has lied and that Chuck was protecting him.
Mouth is at Jimmy’s grave. He is working on a sports blog.
Dan and Haley have guy tied up out side trailers. He calls her a name and Dan lets her go crazy kicking the crap out him. She wants to know where her husband is and he keeps saying he is already dead. Dan stuffs his mouth. Dan tells her to leave. She wants to stay. He says he had to do things she can not see. He will talk and she needs to go. Haley says Bring Nathan home. Bring him home. She leaves and Dan sets the barrel on fire next to him.
Brooke is leaving the cafe at night. Xavier startles her. He say She needs to stop pushing him. He is just trying to live his life. She should know that he can get to her whenever he wants to.

Clay fixes logans plane. Clay asks about his dad again. If he ever thinks about him. He tells Logan that he is his dad. Logan is quiet. Logan walks out.
Chase says he is out. He was given a honorable dicharge. The police wont be sending him to jail. Chuck and him mom had his dad arrested.
Brooke is telling Haley over the phone about xavier. She says she hasnt told Julian. Haley says for the most part everything went good. Brooke asks what has happened to their world.
Dan has grilling tool in the fire and places is on the guys body and tells him he will find his son whether he lives or dies.
Clay is emotionless on the ride home.
Brooke and Julian are asleep and in the baby monitor you can hear the mobile playing.
Upstairs Xavier is holding one of the babies and saying down will come baby cradle and all…

Mar 07,2012

9.09 – Every Breath Is A Bomb Music

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At The Bonfire – Novosti At the Bonfire - This Moment
Crooked Branches – JBM
Dark Eyes – The Hangmen Dark Eyes - In the City
Flying Into Tokyo – Magnetic Man Flying Into Tokyo - Magnetic Man
Housewarming – Lucius
Last Thing – Matter Last Thing - I Want This
My Only One – Boy & Bear My Only One - Moonfire
Night Out – Promise and The Monster Night Out - Imperial Recordings Best Of
Only Now – JBM Only Now - Only Now - Single
Remember – Dreamboat Money Remember - If Found Please Listen

The CW

Feb 23,2012

Episode 9.07 Last Known Surroundings Quotes

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Kidnapping Building:
Nathan – “You think I’m afraid? I’m NOT afraid of you, You threaten me all you want, talk in your stupid riddles all day, take my world you can take my life, but you won’t get my fear, I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not going to be.”
Demttri – “You think your woman’s afraid? He built his empire up to a whore.”
Nathan – “You touch my wife, and I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.”

The Scott Home:
Jamie – “Dad’s not coming home is he?”
Haley – “Don’t say that.”
Jamie – “It’s true.”
Haley – “No, it’s NOT true.”

Officer Stevens – “Mrs. Scott, Do you remember me? I’m Officer Stevens, I know detectives are handling things, but I’ve been going over the evidence, following a few leads of my own quietly.”
Haley – “What does that mean?”
Officer Stevens - “It means that I’m not a detective, and this isn’t my case, and I shouldn’t even be here.”
Haley – “So Why are you here?”
Officer Stevens – “I became a cop Mrs. Scott to help you, ever since this case became official I’ve been carrying around that I sent you away that day, I’m Sorry I need to fix that.”
Haley – “How can I help you quietly?’
Officer Stevens – “Ok, Umm is there anything you haven’t told us or shown us?”
Haley – “Yeah, Yeah, just a second.”
Haley – “Nathan brought this back for our daughter, and I found it at the airport.”
Officer Stevens – “Ok, your pretty smart to bag it.”
Haley – “I didn’t bag it because, … I just wanted to keep it the way it was. I’d like to have it back when your done please?”

The Trailer/Studio:
Dan – “Where are you son?”

Brooke and Julian’s Home:
Brooke – “He’s up for parole, Xavier!”
Julian – ” What? How can that be? He murdered Quinton?”
Brooke – “They never convicted him of Quinton’s murder, they convicted him for kidnapping and aggravated assault, and now he’s up for parole.”
Julian – “That is a physcotic maniac, whether they convicted him or not he needs to be locked up.”
Brooke – “He wants to meet with me before his hearing.”
Julian – “No way.”
Brooke – “I think I should.”
Julian – “Why?”
Brooke – “I want to look into his eyes and see if he is the same person he used to be.”

Clay’s Doctors Office

Dr. – “Tell me about your normal routine?”
Clay – “Well I’m awesome in bed, and she begs me for sex a lot, Uh, Uh, I don’t know we hang out, we get drunk, we watch Haley and Nathan’s kids, not while were drunk, she also buys me a lot of clothes online and calls me Sergio, geez no wonder I’m in here right?


Haley – “You see him yet?”
Quinn – “No, you?”
Haley – “No”. PAUSE “YEAH”
Lucas – “Uh, Hey bud!” …PAUSE …“Give me a second”
Haley – “You don’t write, you don’t call.”
Lucas – “HI”

Haley – “HI”
Lucas- “Hey, Buddy come here let me get a look at you, Uh Ah, Well… You look exactly the same.”
Jamie – “I DO NOT”
Lucas – “I was thinking by now you would have a mustache…”
Jamie- “See Lydia?”
Lucas- “She has your eyes”
Haley – “I think she looks like Jamie” … “You, remember my sister Quinn right?”
Lucas – “Of course! It’s good to see”
Quinn – “You too, how’s Sawyer and Payton?”
Lucas – “They’re good, they should be, they team up on me and get their way!” … AHH, I missed you so much Bud!”
Jamie – “Me too”
Lucas – “Come on, let’s go get some food!”
Haley – “OK, you going to take her?”
Jamie – “YEAH”

Chase’s Place:
Random Girl – “HEY!”
Chase – “Uh, WAIT!”
Chris Keller – “Hey Chase”
Chase – “AHHH”
Random Girl – “Baby, I got to go”
Chris Keller – “NO, one more pony ride?”
Random Girl – “NO, you can’t afford it! You weren’t that good at it anyway…Bye Boy’s”
Chris Keller – “Bye, Pony” … “Did she just leave in her underwear?”
Chase – “She’s a stripper, I think they do that!”
Chris Keller – “AWSOME DAMN NIGHT!”
Chase – “NOT SO LOUD!”
Chris Keller – “Geez, what’s with you anyway?”
Chase – “I just called to active duty!”
Chris Keller – “WHAT, you got drafted can they do that?”
Chase – “I’m in the air force Chris!”
Chris Keller – “REALLY? WHY?”
Random Girl #2 – “Did pony just leave me?”
Chris Keller – “AWESOME DAMN NIGHT!”
Chase – “AHHH’

Kidnapping Building:


Dmitri – “Knock it off”
Drug Dealer – “What this!”
Dmitri – “Are you Chuck from Gossip Girl? NO means NO!”


Haley – “What if he’s dead and he’s not coming back?”
Lucas- “He’s coming back!”
Haley – “I…Luke, I need to say the words out loud and let them shock me because I have to face the reality of the situation…NATHAN IS MISSING!” … “There’s a good chance that he’s not coming back”
Lucas – “Chances are better that he is.” … “Look I know you have done the research, same as me, 95% of all missing persons are located!”
Haley – “And the ones that aren’t most of the abductees are dead within three hours!”
Lucas – “You don’t know that he has been abducted”
Lucas – “Haley! This is Nathan! He will come home! Now say that out loud!”
Haley – “He’s coming home!”

Jamie – “I can’t find my dad!”
Quinn – “What Buddy?”
Jamie – “The video he sent me, I put it on my iPod but I didn’t bring it!”
Quinn – “Ok! Well you know it’s at home right?”
Jamie – “But, I want to take it with me, it’s the video he sent me from Europe!”
Quinn – “WAIT, you have your lap top?”
Jamie – “Yeah, but its not on there, it’s on the computer in my room!”
Quinn – “Ok, well you can have someone send you the file? Or I mean when I get home I can!”
Jamie – “We can call Julian, They have a key and he’ll know how!”
Quinn – “PERFECT! AND Jamie, were going to get your dad back, Video and for real! Call Julian!”
Jamie – “Julian! It’s Jamie!”

Haley – “He needs his dad, we all do!”
Lucas – “What, are the police saying?”
Haley – “HUH! I don’t know they don’t seem as concerned as they should be or as active as they should be, it’s not good enough! It’s a nightmare!”
Lucas – “Maybe, I should just come back to Tree Hill!”
Haley – “NO!”
Lucas – “There’s gotta be something more that I should do!”
Haley – “NO, your doing it! I need you to take the kids out of the house, before I completely lose it and Jamie realizes how bad things really are! They’ll be happier with you guys!”
Lucas – “Ok, And as soon as Nathan comes home, you’ll be a family again and he will, I PROMISE!”
Haley – “I wish you could keep that promise more than any other promise you’ve ever made, but I think it’s really bad this time Luke, REALLY, REALLY BAD!”

Kidnapping Building:

Dmitri – “There he is my cash cow, you should be morning for it, COW, MOO! Our terms have been received and my people are willing to renegotiate the terms, so are you afraid now Nathan Scott? Because you should be!”

The Trailer/Studio:

Julian – “What’s this?”
Dan – “Lunch, you want some?”
Julian – “NO! Maybe, the burger’s smell pretty good!”
Dan – “You know the secret to a good burger is? AHH, Never mind!”
Julian – “Here, this is a video I thought you might like! There’s a lap top in trailer, I’ll see you later I got to prison with Brooke!”
Dan – “Their going to love you there!”
Julian – “Yeah, Thanks!”

Kidnapping Building:

Dmitri – “I saw you play once, you lost! You fall behind one quarter you no come back, sometimes there’s no come back!”
Nathan – “Can I have a drink? Water?”
Dmitri – “You forgot to say please!”
Nathan – “PLEASE”
Dmitri – “Nothing short of becoming a man is when you have modesty, stillness and humility, but when the blast of the war blows in our years, he imitates the action of a tiger. LAUGHTER! I like you Nathan Scott, to bad I have to kill you!


Nathan – “How’s that for a comeback HUH?”


Haley – “I love you too Sawyer, I miss you, Ok put your mommy on the phone. AH, she hung up on me. Typical.”


Lucas – “Of course she did, she can talk on the phone for hours, you know it’s the listening part she’s not faithful.”

FLIGHT 417 Now Boarding at Gate 5

Lucas- “That’s, us!”
Haley – “Yeah!”
Lucas – “We should probably go!
Quinn – “I’m going to give you guys some space ok and wait over there.”
Haley – “Thanks, Quinn!”
Quinn – “Mm, I’m going to miss you and Lydia so much, see you soon ok.” … “ Alright Luke, Thank you, take care.”
Haley – “Your big adventure, you’re going to stay with Uncle Lucas and Aunt Payton, They’re going to take such great care of you baby. As soon as your daddy gets back your going to come straight home ok because he misses you and so will I! I Love You Sweet Girl!”
HALEY TO JAMIE – “Alright, well you always wanted to stay with uncle Lucas.”
Jamie – “I’m fine mom!”
Haley – “Come here, he’s coming home!”
Jamie – “I know!”
Haley – “Do you also know that I love you with everything inside of my heart because, I DO!”
Jamie – “I know that too, I’m fine mom!
Haley – “AH, I’m NOT! Come Here, OK!”
Haley To Lucas – “Thank for everything!”
Lucas – “No, Thank You for letting me, Thank you for calling me and letting me help you for once! Just thank you for being you Hal’s, I can’t Thank You enough for that!”
Haley – “I’ll miss you Lucas!”
Lucas – “I Love You!”
Haley – “Yeah, that too! OK, I’m going to walk away because if I don’t, I won’t!” OK, MUAH, OH, BYE, BYE, BYE, Call me when you land ok! Be good and take care of your sister!”
Lucas – “We will!”
Jamie – “Hey, Mom it’s going to be ok!”


Kidnapping Building:

Dmitri – “Welcome Back my friend”

Nathan fires the gun and it’s all blanks with NOTHING IN IT!!!!!!

Officer Stevens – “Do I have to do everything myself”
Nathan – “How can you do this? You’re a cop?
Officer Stevens – “I’m a desk cop, At least to them I ‘am, their wrong, they don’t want to make me a detective it’s fine! This definitely pays better! By the way your wife says hello!”
Dmitri – “Good news we reach a new finical agreement, so they send more money and then you DIE!!!!”

Thank you Melanie!

Feb 22,2012

Episode 9.07 Last Known Surroundings Recap

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Man is in Nathan’s face. He forces Nathan to drink the water. Nathan says you can threaten me but I wont fear you! He threatens Haley. Nathan freaks. His wrists are cut from the tie wraps holding them together.
Haley goes into Jamies room. He is starting to worry that his dad is not coming home. Haley tries to tell him this isn’t true and the doorbell rings.
She answers the door. It is the police officer. He has been following leads on his own. He feels bad for turning her away the first night and wants to help her quietly. She gives him the moose. They talk about Dan and she says she has given up on Dan Scott.
Dan is in trailer marking and thinking back. He has a wall full of leads and information.
Brooke is sitting at her table with papers. Xavier is up for parole. He wants to meet with Brooke and she tells Julian she thinks she should. She needs to see if he is the same person.
Clay is with his doctor. He wants to know who he has become. They talk about Nathan missing. How Clay talks about how he was supposed to go. Clay says he feels responsible and that he would do anything for that family.
Haley and Quinn are at the airport with Jamie and Lydia. Haley asks if she see him. Haley smiles and says yes! Jamie runs to Lucas and gives him a hug. Haley goes to him and hugs him!

Lucas looks Jamie over. He says Jamie looks exactly the same. Jamie introduces Lydia to him and Lucas says she has his eyes. Haley asks if he remembers Quinn. Quinn asks how Sawyer and Peyton are. He says they gang up on him. Lucas says he has missed Jamie so much and they go off to get food.
Chases wakes up in his bed to his phone ringing. A woman comes out of his bathroom. Chase looks confused and as he looks back in his bed Chris is there too. The girl tells Chris she to leave. Chase is standing in his underwear awkwardly and he tells Chris he just got called to active duty. As Chris is asking questions another girl pops up from behind him. Chris just laughs.
Brooke is on her stairs holding pictures. Julian says she should not go. She says she has too. She needs to believe in forgiveness. Julian says not I but we. As julian leaves she looks at the pictures of her face from when xavier had attacked her. She flashes back.
Nathan is getting punched in the face. Main Guy (if you all know his name then remind me) aks what dud is doing there. He says he needs some speed kids are eating it up on the street. So both men leave.
Clay is talking about his relationship with Nathan. Meeting Quinn. Signing Nathan. Why he signed him was his family. Doctor asks is Clay resents Nathan because of his family. He says no he has grown to be protective of them.
Haley and Lucas are talking in the airport. Lucas says he is coming back. Haley is saying that she needs to say the words out loud that Nathan is missing and he may not come back. Haley says she can feel it in her soul that he can’t come home and that is why he isn’t home. Lucas tells her that it is Nathan and he will come home that she needs to say that out loud!

Doctor wants Clay to talk about the person he became after Sarah’s death. He says he got tired of talking about it. Clay says he got tired of it all so he left. He got in the car and drove. No one ever noticed him. He said he would drive as far as he could drive into a hotel and kill himself. He says that is when he saw her. Sarah. On the balcony of a beach house so he rented it and he talked to her all night and she said stop feeling sorry and get back to work so he did and he found Nate.
Quin is sitting with the kids. Jamie is searching through his backpack. He says he can’t find his dad. He can’t find the video that Nathan sent him. He had put it on his ipod. They decided to call Julian to have him grab it and send it to him.
Chase is at the bar. Chuck comes in. Chase gives him a root beer. Chase asks about his dad. Chuck says he thinks his dad will be around for a bit. Chase tells chuck he has to go back to the air force but that he will be ok with his dad and Chris in town. Chuck is sad.
Jamie is sitting by himself. Haley is still with Lucas. She says he needs his dad. Lucas says there has got to be more he can do. He should come back to Tree Hill. Haley says no. She has asked Lucas to take the kids back with him before Jamie realized how bad it really is. Luke is holding Haleys hand.
Nathan is working on the tie wraps on his hands. Head man walks in. He sits down in chair in front of Nathan. He says his terms have been agreed and they will negotiate his death. He wants to know is Nathan is scared now. He gets right in Nathans ear and says he should be.

Julian is looking at the video Nathan sent Jamie. He sends it to him. As it sends he looks back at the computer screen with recognition.
Dan is grilling burgers outside of the trailer. Julian brings the video to him and tells him there is a computer in the trailer. Julian says he is going to prison with Brooke. Dan is watching the video.
Haley is watching the video and crying.
Dan continues to go back to where Nathan says “Son I love you”
Doctor asks Clay what he thinks about children. He says he has enjoyed being around Nates family. He asks what is Quinn got pregnant. Clay has no response.
Head man is talking about watching nathan play ball. Nathan asks for water. Guy says you forgot to say please. Nate says please. As the man put his hand on Nathan shoulder to give him water Nathan frees his hands and chokes the man. His feet are still ties and goes to get a knife. Other man walks in and see Head guy (Dimitri) on the floor and the chair empty.
Xavier walks down hall and sits down to talk to Brooke.

He picks up phone. Brooke says talk. He apologizes and says he wants to do right. Go about his business and live life. She asks about Quetin. He says he was never convicted for that.
In court she says that she does not think hat he needs to be released. He has not changed.
Chase is at the bar and sees Chucks dad hanging out with a lady.
Chase goes to Chucks house asks about his dad and his day. Chuck lies about what he did. Chase he just came by to see him. Chuck says they have to keep it down cause his dad is asleep inside and his mom says he needs his rest. So they just sit outside on the porch.
Haley is on the phone with sawyer. She hangs up on her. Lucas’s flight is called. Quinn says goodbye. Haley says long goodbye to Jamie. She kisses them all.
Haley and Quinn walk out the door.
Jamie and Lucas and Lydia walk up the hall and jamie stops and grabs Lucas. Lucas grabs him back.
Dan is watching the video of Nathan again.
Nathan is wondering around the building trying all the doors. The cop that was with Haley earlier walks in quietly he pulls out his gun. He motions to Nathan to get down. Just around the wall is another man with a gun. The man leaves. The cop says he is going to get Nathan out and he asks if he is hurt. Nathan says he is ok. He gives Nathan the gun. As Nathan walks in to another room Dimitri shows up and welcomes him back. He has a gun. Nathan starts shooting and nothing is being fired. The bullets have been removed. The cop comes in from behind and knocks Nathan out. The cop looks and asks if he has to do everything himself.
Brooke wants to know if she is a bad person for what she said. She says she can tell he hadnt changed when she asked about quetin. Julian says she was just as brave and strong as the first time and he fell in love with her even more. She asks if he thinks they will let him out. Julian doesnt answer.
Chase is with Chuck at his house. Chase asks if they want to hang out until he leaves. Chuck says ok. Chuck winces when Chase hugs him. Chase wants to know what happened. After coaxes Chuck shows him his side and says he fell off his bike.
Brooke closes Karens. Xavier is watching from a distance.
Dan has asked Julian to blow something up in the video. It is a logo or emblem.
Haley watched the plane leave from the airport window.
Doctor asks if Clay is worried about Nathan. He says yes but Nathan is the strongest guy he knows
They are tying Nathan back up. Cop says this pays better and that Nathans wife says hi. Dimitri’s phone ring. They have reached an agreement. They put black bag over his head.

Feb 22,2012

Episode 9.07 Last Known Surroundings Music

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(Not So) Sad And Lonely – DJ Shadow (Not So) Sad and Lonely - The Less You Know, The Better (Deluxe Edition)
Don’t You Worry – The Dimes
Graveyard – Feist Graveyard - Metals
If I Had a Gun… – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds If I Had a Gun... - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Islands – Hey Ocean Islands - Single - Hey Ocean
Joey – The Horrible Crowes Joey - Elsie
Lordy May – Boy & Bear Lordy May - Moonfire
Sabotage – Amy Stroup Sabotage - Single - Amy Stroup
Take Your Time – Cary Brothers Take Your Time - Take Your Time - Single
The Streets – Avalanche City
Under Streetlights – Brooke Annibale Under Streetlights - Silence Worth Breaking

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