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Mar 14,2012

9.10 – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 26 Comments

AHHH!!! Another Great episode for me. Three words. Dan. Chris. Julian. I loved these three together.

  • Already Dan, Chris, and Julian tonight were beyond great!
  • Chris and his distraction of raming the car in the wall hitting that person. Yes that was something I loved.
  • Julian and his moment at the end with Nathan. OH I was screaming at my TV when Nate dropped that gun. Why Nathan Why. So when Julian came around I breathed again :)
  • Dan and Nathan oh gosh pulling at my heartstrings to the point I wasn’t sure what to do.
  • Dan he stole the show for me. He was hardcore!
  • Poor Brooke I havent been enjoying this storyline as much but I was glad to see this end tonight. Didn’t like to have to see her go through all that. But it was drama filled and she kicked it!  Cool to see her and Tara make some peace.
  • Haley was not in this much. Excited to see her next week!!
  • Clay and Quinn were kind of filler but it didnt bother me.

Well I loved it. I have posted spoilers but have tried to avoid reading them because I like to watch and be surprised. I really wanted this season since it is the last so I didnt know who was going to die. It was my understanding this was the episode the death was supposed to happen. If I read this correctly then I am thinking Dan won’t die… But next weeks episode looks to be a good one too.

Tell what you thought about tonights?

Mar 07,2012

9.09 – Every Breath Is A Bomb Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 20 Comments

Ok so this episode didnt have me on the edge of my seat like last week but it was still not bad. Here were the things I liked.

  • One I LOVE Dan and Haley together. Probably my fav of the whole episode. Also my favorite scene was her walking out of that bar and Dan beating that guy to a pulp as she walk away. Perfect :) for me!
  • I also want to point out and I wish I had been writing them down but Dan has had a great line every episode where he is making fun of something or someone. I love it. This episode when he told Haley to return the clothes to Deb. Love.
  • Ok I know some like and some dont but I am getting the Clay and Logan story. I read a comment last week about Logan’s hair and I am not sure what is going on with that but I like this story line
  • They definitely moved through this Chase story quick but I am glad that Chuck told the truth. Just seemed fast to me.
  • I also really liked skills and mouth together :)
  • always love chris
  • Brooke and Julian following Xavier like they did. This i did not like and I thought was dumb.  Now he is holding one of their kids!

For me Haley and Dan took the show this week. What did you think?

Feb 22,2012

Episode 9.07 Last Known Surroundings Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 33 Comments


Ok I personally like how this episode flowed? Kind of how how Clay would explain things about himself or Nathan and Haley and then everyone else’s story line sort of fell into that. Does that make sense? It just flowed good for me :)

  • I am sad that Lucas is only back for one episode :( I have missed him and his family. I miss that voice and his smile. Ahhh. I loved, loved seeing he and Joy together tonight! Could they have done more? yes but He is just Lucas and I will just be happy that I was able to see him one last time :)
  • Joy AMAZing. She just is having to go through so much. And we wont even go into the preview for next weeks episode. I get chills!
  • Loved the Gossip Girl line!! Made me laugh
  • Nathan ahhh yes! One of my favorite scenes was watching him break free!
  • Not sure about this cop? Certainly didn’t see that coming…
  • Sad to see the kids leave wonder how they are coming back?
  • Chase having to go back to air force and Chuck? hmm
  • Liked how Brooke handled Xavier and what she had to say at the hearing! Scary that he is out now.
  • Oh and like I said I like Clay tonight. I just felt what he had to say went along with what everyone else was going. Something tonight just flowed good for me.

What did you think. Yay or Nay??

Feb 15,2012

9.06 Catastrophe and the Cure Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 18 Comments

So what did you guys think about tonight’s episode?

The one thing that really sticks out in my mind tonight is the conversation between Dan and Julian in the car. When he tells Julian to go in and hug his boys. Something he wishes he could do. I know Dan is a bad dude but oh he gets to me :)

I am so excited for next weeks episode!! I was down there at the airport when Chad was in town and the filming was going on!! So I am happy for the Lucas episode to be here :)

Feb 08,2012

9.05 The Killing Moon Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 22 Comments

Woah! And I don’t say this because I had my first small part as an extra make it on this episode. That was fun though :)


  • I loved Haley this episode.
  • Chris didn’t play as big a part as I thought he was going to but the parts he did play I loved. With each episode I am so glad they brought him back!
  • Curious to see what happens with Clay and Logan
  • Poor Julian
  • I liked Brooke finally going over and dealing with Tara and the cafe. I was shocked that the cafe was open :) When 9.01 premiered I thought this was going to happen while closed.
  • Wow! The whole thing with Dan. I am kind of speechless with how this ended…

These are just a few of my thoughts off the top of my head. I am excited to see what you guys have to say!!! Overall I really liked this episode, Ooh and it looks like we will get to see Nathan again next episode!

Feb 01,2012

9.04 Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt? Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 28 Comments

So this week I am here in front of my TV and there is a basketball game on and no OTH :( It should be starting soon hopefully. For right now  those that have been able to watch OTH episode 4 let me know your thoughts and I will update when I get to watch. Was anybody else not able to watch because of the basketball?

Jan 25,2012

9.03 Love The Way You Lie Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 48 Comments

Ok Guys,

Tonight is ALL up to you!! I am not at home so I cannot watch.  However I am going to be checking this page to see what everyone is thinking about the episode… so let me know! Give me some good reactions so when I get home and am able to watch I am either gonna love it or gonna hate it:) Whats it gonna be?

Jan 18,2012

9.02 In The Room Where You Sleep Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 20 Comments

Sooo! What did you think. You guys know me :) I always look for the positive. I am sticking it out to the end so that is what I do.

  • First – I am so going to miss Nathan :(
  • Still love Chris being back!!
  • Will there be no closure for Alex and Chase? Is she just leaving no goodbye?
  • Also still kind of confused with what is going on with Clay. Like more what are they doign with his story line?
  • Oh loved Nathan and Haley in the beginning when he was talking with her about dan and he told her why he loved her :)
  • Thought the beginning with Brooke and Julian was funny.


Ok these are just a few of my thoughts. What are some of yours?


Jan 11,2012

9.01: Know This, We’ve Noticed Reaction

Posted by Amanda with 33 Comments

Ok I think for the reaction each week I am going to throw this up and let you guys run with it! You give your reactions and I will jump in here and there and may also include some of what I thought. Lots of times I really need to re watch the episodes :)

For the premiere here are a few things i thought:

  • Oh how I have missed OTH and it was SO GOOD to see it and all my favorite people  back on the tv. 
  • LOVED Chris Kellar
  • I was a bit confused with what was going on with Clay? Maybe we will learn more as it goes on.
  • With 13 episodes I am so curious as to how it all plays out…

What did you think?