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Feb 07,2012

Happy Birthday Stephen Colletti

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Wishing you a Happy 26th Birthday Stephen.

Hope your day has been great! 

Jan 11,2012

E!: One Tree Hill’s Stephen Colletti Dishes on His Love Triangle with Tyler Hilton and Tightie-Whitie Premiere

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It has been 239 days (yep, we counted) since the last episode of One Tree Hill and tonight the wait is finally over! We told you last week about the amazingness that was the One Tree Hill season premiere screening party, in which we hollered along with the fans when Stephen Colletti spent the majority of the episode in his skivvies.

We chatted with Colletti himself about his lack of wardrobe. (You’re welcome, America!) Plus, he dropped some scoop on the ninth and final season of OTH…

“I got a friendly little reminder I got from [executive producer] Mark Schwan on the way to the screening,” Collietti tells us. “I was actually asking him if he was going to wear his ‘Clean Teen’ shirt and if he could throw me one. And he gently reminded me that I am going to be in my tightie whities about two stories tall.”

Oh yes! Tonight Chase and Alex (Jana Kramer) spend the majority of their scenes half-naked in the boudoir, and Colletti tells us there were both pros and cons for him in these new scenes.

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Nov 30,2011 Stephen Colletti: The Sexy, Shirtless New Photo Shoot!

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“One Tree Hill” stud Stephen Colletti has one hot bod — and he’s not afraid to show it.

Celebrity photographer Steven Taylor, who’s shot stars like Bruno Mars, John Legend and Snoop Dogg, got behind the lens with the former “Laguna Beach” star for a new, shirtless shoot — and we’ve got your first look at the hot shots.

Check out all the photos here!!  Stephen Colletti: The Sexy, Shirtless New Photo Shoot! |

Jun 23,2011

Just Jared Jr.: Chelsea Kane & Stephen Colletti: Beach Besos

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Chelsea Kane gives a little kiss to boyfriend Stephen Colletti as they enjoy the sun in Mexico earlier this month.

The 22-year-old actress, who wore a dalla nonna little letter “k” necklace in rose gold with her white bikini, had fun in the sun and in the ocean.

Chelsea blogged on her official website about another vacation she went on — to Montgomery, Texas!



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Jun 16,2011

Hollywood Crush: ‘One Tree’ Hill Actors, Photographer Ian Shive Examine ‘Wild Life’

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If you were to dream up a group of actors to band together and make an environmentally conscious, nature exploration show, I think it’s fair to assume that you would not expect those actors to be James Lafferty (“One Tree Hill”), Stephen Colletti (“One Tree Hill,” “Laguna Beach”) and Stuart Lafferty (“Death Sentence,” “One Tree Hill”).

The brothers Lafferty, Stephen and award-winning nature photographer and author Ian Shive star in a show called “Wild Life: A New Generation Of Wild,” that is all about bringing the wonders of the great outdoors to a new generation. The adventurous guys have captured exploits varying from Everglades exploration to swimming with manatees.

Hollywood Crush caught up with Ian recently to get the lowdown on their buzzworthy project and why the show is meaningful (and not just “Celebrities Gone Wild”).

“[This show is] about, ‘Let’s experience something through the eyes of people you recognize on TV, in an environment you’ve never seen them in before,” Ian explained of showcasing themselves in a non-egotistical manner. “It’s really about the experience of being outside.”

Ian went on to say that they thought long and hard about how to use James, Stephen and Stuart’s profiles in a way that didn’t open themselves up for online criticism.

“Four dudes outside is definitely a perfect meal for the internet snark,” he admitted. “We even joked around about it… The way you avoid that is by not being ridiculous about how you tell the story. A lot of reality programming overdramatizes and sensationalizes petty things,” he explained. “We’re not going to be out there like, ‘Oh my God, Stephen got bit by 64 mosquitoes! What do we do now, let’s go to the doctor!’ It doesn’t need to be that,” he said.

Ian added that their intent in creating the show is to be “the antithesis of reality programming,” and that they hope to take the show from the web to a primetime TV slot.

“We’ve had a lot of interest, and it looks good that we’re probably going to end up on TV,” Ian revealed, although they aren’t yet sure on which network the show might be broadcast. “The whole point is to reach a bigger audience and bridge barriers of what people think of the outdoors,” he said. “It’s lookin’ good.”

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Jun 06,2011

Chelsea Kane and Stephen Colletti arrive at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

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Actors Chelsea Kane and Stephen Colletti arrive at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards at Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheatre on June 5, 2011 in Universal City, California.

May 17,2011

Hollywood Life: Stephen Colletti Reacts To ‘One Tree Hill’ Pickup: Our Fan Base Is A Powerhouse! Thank You!

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After we heard One Tree Hill had been picked up for an unexpected ninth season May 17, we quickly got on the phone with Stephen Colletti to get his reaction to the exciting news. Read our exclusive Q-and-A with the 25-year-old actor to hear what his cast members had to say, his dream storyline for Chase and who he credits for getting picked up once again!

HL: How do you feel about being renewed?

SC: Someone was actually telling me One Tree Hill is trending on Twitter. It just goes to show our fan base is such a powerhouse. Everyone on the show recognizes and appreciates it. I’m happy for the fans and I’m happy for everyone in North Carolina who gets a job for another season.

HL: Why do you think OTH got picked up for another season?

SC: I can’t say enough for the fans. They love to live in Tree Hill and I think it’s really really awesome they have such an appreciation for it.

HL: What do you think will happen in Tree Hill next season?

SC: I don’t know, but I do know Mark will continue to crank out some quality Tree Hill drama.

HL: Do you think he’ll continue with the storyline of Chase being in the Air Force? How will that work?

SC: The finale takes place over a year, so a lot happens. I hope they continue the military aspect for Chase because I really like playing it. Mark kind of joked to me about asking if I was ready for another hair cut.

HL: What about a wedding? Do you see one in the cards for Chase?

SC: I think Chase is a settle down kind of guy. I think it could be, but who knows?

HL: If you could walk into the writers’ room and dictate your own storyline, what would happen?

SC: Chase would carry on as a pilot in the military. If Chase gets stationed in a base near Tree Hill, that would be perfect for him.

HL: What would you have happen with Chase’s relationships?

SC: It was fun playing the triangle through last season on the acting side. I enjoy doing that. But I think for Chase, hopefully there’s going to be some settling down.

HL: Have you talked to your co-workers today? What was the general reaction?

SC: There were some congrats around. I even got a text that was like, ‘Roommate?’

HL: When do you start shooting again?

SC: I don’t know. Maybe toward the end of June.

HL: What will happen with your and James Lafferty‘s project, ‘Generation Wild?’

SC: We’re still going to work on it. It’s always been planned — we knew we wouldn’t be there all the time. We will definitely still will be involved with it though.

HL: Do you have any final thoughts?

SC: Today is a good day. It’s cool they announced it today, the day of the finale.



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May 13,2011

Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Stephen Colletti on Season 9: ‘The fans deserve a farewell season’

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At The CW’s Upfront presentation on May 19, the network will announce their schedule for the 2011-2012 season, and “One Tree Hill” fans will finally learn whether or not their beloved characters will come back for an incredible ninth season on the air. Fans and cast alike have been actively campaigning to extend the series for at least one more year, and new series regular Stephen Colletti is no exception.

Though Colletti first joined the show in Season 4 (remember Chase as a Clean Teen?) he’s only recently been added to the title credits as a main cast member. He’s got his fingers crossed that Season 9 will get picked up — he’s already contracted to return — so that Chase can get a chance to be more integrated with the rest of the characters.

But what of the critics who say that the series has run its course?

“I think that with the mastermind that is [creator] Mark Schwahn, there’s always story left in there,” Colletti tells Zap2it. “Personally I was really excited about the opportunity to come back because I just became a regular recently. In the last couple of seasons my story has really started to pick up and have more legs to it, where Chase actually gets out from behind the bar a bit more. He isn’t just the gopher that pops up from time to time, says hello, and then burrows back down. I’d be excited about it.”

More importantly, Colletti says, he thinks that after devoting the better part of a decade to the series, the fans, cast, and writers deserve a farewell season — in other words, a season that is announced as a final bow, as “Smallville’s” 10th season was this year.

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May 10,2011

E!: Stephen Colletti Wants a Farewell Season for One Tree Hill, Too!

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You should all know that we’re writing this from the edge of our seats, because we are anxiously awaiting news on One Tree Hill’s fate for next season. On one hand, we think the finale will have some kind of closure, and we’re lucky to have had eight seasons. On the other hand, we do think it’d be awesome to have one more season dedicated to longtime fans of OTH.

Wait, why are we even talking about next year? We still have two episodes left of this season! Let’s focus on that for now. Maybe OTH star Stephen Colletti can help us out with that. He does have the insight on what the finale looks like, after all, as well as what the last few episodes hold for Chase…

Chase entered our One Tree Hill lives in season four as a Clean Teen who gives his “flower” to Brooke (Sophia Bush) in the backseat of a car, and now he’s a full-blown central character. But Stephen told us he’s just happy to be out from behind the bar. “When I first came back, I was like Chase the gopher, behind the bar. He would pop up, say hello, offer some advice and then he would dive back behind the bar,” he tells us with a laugh. “I just wanted more and more, and with a show like that there are a lot of storylines going on and they have so many characters. But that has all changed with the last year and a half or so, which has been great. It has been a lot of fun getting out from behind the bar and exploring the storyline. The gopher is out frolicking.”

In true OTH finale twist fashion, instead of your typical season-ender, the final episode of the season will take place over an entire year in the lives of the characters. “It’s exciting. You’re going to go through a whole whirlwind of story for each of the characters from the beginning of the episode, and then see where they are at the end of the episode,” Stephen says. “And with Chase, there is a lot going on with what he is doing career-wise, and with his girlfriend and as a big brother to Chuck (Michael May). So there is a warm fuzzy feeling, I think, that people will get as far as those storylines, and all of the questions will be answered.”

Tiffany Rose

So we shouldn’t expect a big cliffhanger with Chase’s story? “No, I think the fans are going to be excited because they won’t be left hanging too much with what’s going on with Chase,” he assures us.

When OTH was wrapping up season eight, the cast still had no idea if they would be back for another year, which was a situation that Stephen could best describe as “weird,” especially since he had to say goodbye to his fellow castmembers. “It was weird every day because you don’t know if you’re saying goodbye. You will see in the episode the week before the finale that the guys are up camping and the girls are in Puerto Rico,” he tells us. “So half of us were finishing and taking off, and the crew and pretty much all the girls were skipping down to Puerto Rico to continue their shoot. It’s just weird to think because they were still shooting where I had wrapped, and it very well could have been a series wrap.”

Still, Stephen remains optimistic about returning next year. “I am always on the positive [side] of the 50/50 because I think there should be a farewell season, and we should know exactly when [the show] is going to be done.”

As long as One Tree Hill fans are dominating our Save One Show competition (a feat Stephen calls “pretty incredible”), we will also be staying positive for a true OTH farewell season.



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May 10,2011

Hollywood Life: ‘One Tree Hill’ Scoop: Is Chase Really Joining The Air Force? Stephen Colletti Weighs In!

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One Tree Hill fans were thrown for a loop (pun intended) last week when “bar manager” Chase (Stephen Colletti) revealed his plans to leave Tree Hill and join the Air Force! But is he really taking off for good? “Chase has some big decisions to make,” Stephen tells “Whether or not he decides to go into the Air Force will definitely play out. He’ll be faced with: Does he leave and hurt all these people, or does he stay and not be true to himself?”

And it sounds like Chase’s big-brother relationship with Chuck (Michael May) will play a major role in his decision.

“Chuck’s been left a lot in his life — his dad left him when he little — so that’s something Chase has to take into consideration,” Stephen tells us. “As far as the Chase and Chuck stuff, that’s very strong in the next episode. They go through a lot together.”

But the Air Force is just one of the decisions weighing on Chase’s mind. There’s also that little matter of which girl he’ll decide to settle down with: Alex (Jana Kramer) or Mia (Kate Voegele)?

“I don’t know what Chase is doing,” Stephen admits. “He’s not a player, but he’s playing. You’ve seen him with Mia, you’ve seen him with Alex, and you’ve seen him alone — but there will be a firm decision at the end of the season.”

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