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Feb 09,2012

Exclusive: One Tree Hill Chat Room Interview with Vaughan Wilson (Fergie)

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Here is the awesome Q&A the One Tree Hill Chat Room had with Vaughan Wilson last night. Make sure you get registered. I’m hearing the chats coming up are going to be FUN and you don’t want to miss out!

JustMakingLove4OTH: lol.  You made it congrats and welcome!
OTHTwitterBugs: Thank you for making it & your patience.
LeslieOTH: Welcome Vaughan!
Vaughan_wilson: Oh no problem
Vaughan_wilson:  And thank you for having me


OTHTwitterBugs:  Please tell us about yourself, what got you into acting & all?
Vaughan_wilson:  I played basketball since I was about seven. Middle school, HS, and College.  I heard they were casting and it was sort of fate.


sophia_army:  How did you get the OTH gig? Do you live in the Wilmington area?
Kim: Did you enjoy being Fergie on the show?
Vaughan_wilson: Yes. I grew up here in Wilmington, and enjoyed the role of Fergie a lot.

lmcafeeOTH: Who was your favorite cast mate while being on OTH?
Vaughan_wilson: My favorite cast mate would have to be Antwon… but everyone is right up there with him.  My favorites… any basketball scenes.


sophia_army:  Is life different after OTH? Do you want to continue acting? By the way, I always had a soft spot for junk and Fergie :)
Vaughan_wilson: oh… Thanks, life is different in some ways. And I am just happy to be part of such a wonderful show with wonderful people to work around and the best fans any television show has ever seen.


Kim: How did you like working with Sophia, James Chad and Hilarie?
Kim: and Joy
Vaughan_wilson: Sophia. James, Chad, Hilary and Joy are some of the most fantastic people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  They are all very interesting in their own way. They’re great.


BananaSpiltPeyt:  Was there ever an event, or incident on set that will forever stand out in your memory?  be it funny or not?
Vaughan_wilson:  There are too too many to count.


OTHTwitterBugs: What would you consider your fave season???
Vaughan_wilson:  Favorite season is probably  3
wendij:  that was a good season
meg121186:  Right on!! Season 3 is my favorite, too!!


Kim:  What was your pet peeve from being on set for that long?
Vaughan_wilson:  no pet peeves on set. NO!!! Not A complaint


MLaGrange: Vaughan — Do you have a Twitter account?
Vaughan_wilson : no. no tweets for my peeps.
OTHTwitterBugs : Great question, Vaughan, why aren’t you on the twitter train???
Kim : yeah why?
Kim : half of the cast has one and you don’t :(
oth4life : you should make a twitter :D
Vaughan_wilson : I just decided not to I guess. You guys think I should?
OTHTwitterBugs : Heck yeah… Everyone is doing it ;)
Kim : you’d get a lot of feed back
Vaughan_wilson : Well… I will do that!!


oth4life : Do you keep in touch with any of the cast mates?
Vaughan_wilson : I try to stay in touch with them. I am hoping to see some of them soon.
Vaughan_wilson : Yeah, I see Lee and Cullen and Antwon sometimes …


OTHTwitterBugs : Vaughan… what have you been up to while not filming OTH??
Vaughan_wilson : I’ve done a few plays, but ive been working on some things of my own.
Jennifer : Thats great, you have gotta do what you want!
Vaughan_wilson : I like making people laugh.


OTHTwitterBugs : I know Antwon was shooting a movie when I was up there in October did u get a chance to be part of that?
Vaughan_wilson : I didn’t get a chance to be a part of it, but I went by the set and gave ‘Twon a hard time… he was directing.


Kim : Well here’s another one, which cast member did you not get to film with?
Vaughan_wilson : Who DIDNT i film with?  Wow…
Vaughan_wilson : i don’t know.
OTHTwitterBugs : LOL… Yeah I heard there was plenty of filming never got around to seeing it though
Vaughan_wilson : ha ha
Vaughan_wilson : ha ha ha


Kim : Which cast member did you play pranks on?
Vaughan_wilson : Chad was the best practical joker.


OTHTwitterBugs : How did you feel to know that the River Court was destroyed?
Vaughan_wilson : Sad… but I’ve destroyed so many courts just by playing im used to it.


Kim : What was your reaction knowing that the show was finally coming to end after 9 years? Even like 7th heaven, it came back on. Maybe OTH will come back on too :)!
Vaughan_wilson : Yeah… It made me sad… Like the Forum in LA.


JustMakingLove4OTH :  What is your favorite part of Wilmington?
Vaughan_wilson : I love all of Wilmington ….I dont know.


OTHTwitterBugs : Vaughan… are you working on any new projects? We want to be able to support you & any OTH actor…
Vaughan_wilson : I’m working on something for the net so I may need you guys’ help


Vaughan_wilson : uh oh. Now the tough part.
OTHTwitterBugs : It has been awesome to have you on chat…
Vaughan_wilson : Thank you for having me. It has been a pleasure for me to talk with you guys.
SoGoProStreet : Im glad I was able to make it in time!
OTHTwitterBugs : Yes Thank You for your time
Jennifer : Thank you! :)
BananaSpiltPeyt : Thank you too Vaughan!!! It was a pleasure! :)
lmcafeeOTH : Thank you Vaughan aka Fergilicioius!!
oth4life : hopefully next time we see you, you’ll be on twitter
Vaughan_wilson : I hope so… you might catch me in there…
Vaughan_wilson : No problem. Thank you guys… sincerely. Thanks… goodnight.

Feb 27,2010

StarNewsOnline: “One Tree Hill’s” Junk and Fergie to play in charity basketball game March 7

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Next weekend, Cullen Moss and Vaughn Wilson (aka “One Tree Hill’s” Junk and Fergie) will join Wilmington notables in a charity basketball game. The Greater Hampstead Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Topsail High School Athletic Booster Club to bring the famous Harlem Ambassadors Basketball Show to Pender County. The game will be 6 to 7:30 p.m. March 7 at Topsail High School.

via “One Tree Hill’s” Junk and Fergie to play in charity basketball game March 7 – We Love TV – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive .

Dec 10,2007

Fast Forward Preview Episode 4 Mouth McFadden

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The CW has some video up to give you a preview of each character as they are in Fast Forward, four years after their high school graduation. The fourth preview is about Marvin “Mouth” McFadden played by Lee Norris. Mouth went to college for broadcasting. He aspires to be an on-camera sports reporter and apparently the drama is surrounding his struggle with his looks and appeasing the higher ups that he’s worthy of the job. The previews show him as a reporter for UNC and also at a studio thanking a lady for a job and then working at the studio. Apparently Mouth, Skills (Antwon Tanner), Junk (Cullen Moss) Fergie (Vaughn Wilson) are living together in an apartment as well. The CW video is here.