iPhone Wallpapers

Useful for iPhone and possibly iPod Touch wallpapers. These are completely free but please include a link back to the site if you post these anywhere else. Email us if you want to request a different picture to be made into a wallpaper or want to submit one of your own.

See the bottom of this page for information on how to use these wallpapers.

HINT: Click on the preview icon (magnifying glass) to view a full-sized preview or on the thumbnail image inself to view the actual wallpaper. You can then move forwards or backwards through the other images in the set by using the arrows.


How To Use:

To use any of the above wallpapers you can do any of the following;

  • Browse to this page using your iPhone/iPod then touch and hold down on any of the preview images above until it displays an option to “Save Image” then save it and go to your photo gallery and then choose that image as your wallpaper.
  • Email yourself the picture found by and then using the iPhone/iPod email client there is an option to download it and you can choose to make it a wallpaper from your photo album.
  • Right-click on any of the preview images above and save to your computer. Add the downloaded image to your iTunes photo’s and synchronise. With your iPhone/iPod, enter Settings where you will see a Wallpaper option. Find the synchronised image and select it to set it as your wallpaper.