Season 5 Music

The scene it appeared in is listed after the artist and song title.

We The Kings – This is Our Town

5.01 Four Years, Six Months, and Two Days
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Mercy : Opening
Yellowcard – Light Up The Sky : NY/LA
Salme Dahlstrom American Beauty : Label Meeting
Low vs Diamond I’ll Be : Label Meeting
Selectracks You Got What It Takes : Club
Jupiter Sunrise – Steal Me : Lucas’s Room
Wild Whirled Hollywood : Opening
Kelly Clarkson Irvine : Brooke’s Apartment
Lil Coe / Northstar What You Gonna Do : Label
The National – Slow Show : Montage with Brooke and Peyton
Jackson Waters – Come Undone (Acoustic) : Montage where Peyton is sad
The National- Green Gloves : Montage – Peyton leaves, Nathan gets into fights
The National – Fake Empire : Scott home and rivercourt
The Verve Pipe – The Freshman : CODA, montage of scenes

5.02 Racing Like a Pro

Ripe – Ben Lee : Open
Group 1 Crew – Forgive Me : Riverside/Flashback
Lawman – Belasco : Scott House
Thank You – The Little Heroes: Skillz and Mouth’s apartment
Neverlost – Smashing Pumpkins : Skillz apartment and hospital
Bringa ft. Apl of Black Eyed Peas – Channel Two : Club
DJ Make It Boom Loud ft. Timna – Richard Wolf (Producers Lab) : Club
Let’s Lie To Each Other aka Will Scarlet – Magic Bullets: Club
Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues – Jimmy Eat World : Pool/Rivercourt
Think It Must Be – Geoff Martyn : Soap Box Derby
Will You Be There – Richard Harris : Tric
Back When You Were Good – The Hours : CODA

5.03 My Way Home is Through You

Hotel Lights – Follow Through
Belasco – Butterflies
The Veils – Advice For Young Mothers To Be
Matt Nathanson – All We Are
Pilot to Gunner – Dry Ice & Strobe Lights
The Veils – One Night On Earth
Jason Walker – You Fill My Heart
Earlimart – Bloody Nose

5.04 It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
“Time Won’t Let Me Go” – The Bravery
“Silver Lining” – Rilo Kiley
“Just To Be There” – Chase Emery
“Mahabharata” – Radio America
“One Kiss Don’t Make A Summer” – Lucky Soul
“Go For a Walk” aka “Central Park” – goodmornings
“Kindly Unspoken” – Kate Voegele
“Something’s Got Me Started” – Swingfly
“The Take Over, The Breaks Over” – Fall Out Boy
“Emotional Champ” – New Buffalo

5.05 I Forgot to Remember to Forget
“Privilege” – The Temporary Thing – Opening with Lucas and Lindsey
“Brahms’ Lullaby” – Johannes Brahms – Haley singing
“Charlotte” – Air Traffic – Basketball game
“Weapon of Choice” – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Basketball game
“Heartbeats” – Jose Gonzalez – Lucas gets a song from Peyton on his iPhone
“You Gotta Know Me” – Sofia J – Lucas waiting for Peyton at dinner
“Loving You” – Joey Ryan – end of LP’s dinner and Lucas waiting for Peyton
“Where I Stood” by Missy Higgins – Lucas’s proposal
“When You’ve Had Enough” – Wild Whirled #51 – Lucas and Lindsey at the bar
“October” – Leopold – Lucas and Brooke outing
“Cocaine Skin” – Broken Social Scene – Ending

5.06 Don’t Dream It’s Over

“Hughes” – The New Amsterdams : OPENING – Peyton goes to visit her old house and meets the new resident.
“Kindly Unspoken” – Kate Voegele: Mia sings for Victoria at the recording studio.
“Happy Alone” – Earlimart: Peyton talks to Brooke about Victoria. / Carrie and Jamie join Nathan in the pool.
“Side of the Road” – Matt Shwachman: Brooke talks to Victoria about her behavior.
“Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” – Jet: Skillz and Jamie play “ROCKBAND”.
“Looking For Love” – Michelle Featherstone: Lucas confronts Peyton about her attitude towards Lindsey.
“The Subtle Labyrinth” – Mike Wolpe: Nathan and Haley have Lucas and Lindsey over for dinner.
“Vision” – Oliver Future: Brooke, Peyton and Millicent hang out at TRIC.
“Get Your Hands Up” – Kustoo: Brooke, Peyton and Millicent meet Owen, the bartender at TRIC.
“Better Than Love” – Griffin House: Peyton and Lucas hash out their strained relationship. / Brooke talks to Victoria.
“No One’s Gonna Love You” – Band of Horses: CODA – Ending montage of scenes.

5.07 In Da Club
Kate Voegele – No Good
The Honorary Title – Far More
The Honorary Title – Thin Layer

5.08 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

“Give Me Heart” – Susie Suh
Scene: OPENING – Lucas asks Lindsey to marry him.
“Secret Sleeping Potion” – Two Hours Traffic
Scene: Brooke receives a call at TRIC from Peyton.
“Bright Red Star” – Stereophonics
Scene: Brooke shows Peyton how to “let go”.
“I Feel It All” – Fiest
Scene: Lindsey announces to Haley and Brooke that Lucas asked her to marry him.
“Struck Dumb” – Lucky Soul
Scene: Owen turns down Brooke at the C/B boutique.
“I Won’t Disagree” – Kate Voegele
Scene: Mia records a new song.
“You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” – Spoon
Scene: Brooke vents to Jamie. / Millicent tells Mouth she can’t go out with him.
“Come Home” – Findlay Brown
Scene: Peyton seeks an answer from her mom.
“Pitterpat” – Erin McCarley
Scene: Mouth takes Millicent to the TV studio. / Carrie makes another move on Nathan.
“Ashes and Wine” – A Fine Frenzy
Scene: CODA – Ending montage of scenes.

5.09 For Tonight You’re Only Here To Know
“Won’t Let You Go” – Sarah Thiele
Scene: Recap montage of past episodes.
“It’s Only Life” – Kate Voegele
Scene: Opening scenes: Mia, Haley and Peyton film a music video.
“Pony” – Erin McCarley
Scene: Quentin prepares for the basketball game with Jamie.
“Dirty South Hustla” – Carolina Slim / Mastersource
Scene: Lucas speaks to the team and Skillz hands out new jerseys.
“Bring It On” – Lenny Kravitz
Scene: The team and coaches walk the hallway on their way to the game.
“Fakey Fake” – Earlimart
Scene: Peyton, Mia, Brooke, Haley and Lindsey get locked in the school library.
“The Merry Go Round Broke Down” – Looney Tunes
Scene: Brooke calls Mouth.
“So Long” – Brandy Johnson
Scene: Peyton talks to a sad Brooke who’s reading an issue of b.Davis.
“Home” – Holly Conlan
Scene: Mia creates a game about saying something nice that goes the wrong direction.
“Never Even Told Me Her Name” – Air Traffic
Scene: Tim arrives at the library and the door closes again.
“The New Kid Revival” – Her Space Holiday
Scene: The gang talks about feasting on Brooke if they run out of food.
“Wish You Were” – Kate Voegele
Scene: Mia plays a song at the library.
“There’s A Reason” – AA Bondy
Scene: Peyton confronts Lindsey to apologize for what she said earlier.
“Broken” – Lifehouse
Scene: CODA – Ending montage of scenes.
5.10 Running to Stand Still

I Like What You Say – Nada Surf (opening)
Only Fooling Myself – Kate Voegele (Peyton goes to the studio to talk to Mia)
Here Goes Something – Nada Surf (Brooke and Owen at the bar in the morning)
Tell Me How – Sara Lov (basketball practice)
Right Here With You – Frozen Flames (Brooke and Owen find Rachel)
See These Bones – Nada Surf (Lucas and Nathan in the car)
Cataracts – Andrew Bird (parole hearing)
The Film Did Not Go Round – Nada Surf (Brooke and Rachel talk, Q and Nathan at the gym)
Best Not To Think About It – Athlete (CODA)

5.11 You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

Something In My Eye – Turin Brakes
Here It Goes Again – OK Go
My Own – The Perishers
Ballroom Blitz – Sweet
Waking Dream – Natalie Walker
Superstar – Lupe Fiasco ft Matthew Santos
Open Late – Ryan Lindsey
Never Find Again – Jason Reeves
She Holds The Key – Gavin DeGraw
I Taught Myself How To Grow Old – Ryan Adams

5.12 Hundred

“My Hometown” – Bruce Springsteen
Scene: Opening scene… Lucas, Haley and Jamie go for a ride.
“Jane, I Still Feel The Same” – Matthew Ryan
Scene: Peyton drives by the church and day dreams of her and Lucas marrying.
“Shine” – Anna Nalick
Scene: Karen surprises Brooke at Clothes Over Bro’s.
“Canon In D” – Pachelbel/Opus 1 Musiccenes.
Scene: Haley walks down the aisle at Lucas’ wedding.
“Bridal Chorus” – APM Music
Scene: Lindsey walks down the aisle.
“Never Tear Us Apart” – INXS
Scene: Lindsey tells Lucas she can’t go through with it and marry him.
“Winter” – Holly Conlan
Scene: Nathan tells Lucas to go after Lindsey. / Haley franticly searches for Jamie.
“Apologies” – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Scene: CODA – Ending montage of scenes.

5.13 Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace

Push Your Head Towards The Air – The Editors
Little Bird – The Weepies
Good Kind Of Crazy – Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
It Couldn’t Be Me – Johnathan Rice
Let Me Breathe – The Hours
La Rocca – Love Under Key
Home – Foo Fighters
Scene: CODA: at the end when everyone does the voiceover

5.14 What Do You Go Home To?

What Do You Go Home To? – Explosions in the Sky Title
Ride – Cary Brothers Opening
Leaving Town Alive – Jeff Cohen featuring Bethany Joy Galeotti
Let the Fire Start – Bethany Joy Galeotti
Adore Adore – Yoav Q and Nathan in the gym
Along The Way – The Honorary Title

Break You – Hawaii

No One’s Aware – Jack Savoretti
Spitfire – Lazarus/firstcom
This Wasn’t How It’s Supposed To Be – Jamestown Story
Your Birthday – The Shapes
Roadway Hymn – La Rocca CODA

5.15 Life Is Short

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – Opening on the TV for Angie
As It Must Be – Joey Ryan
Hometown Glory – Adele – CODA
Angels & Airwaves – Everything’s Magic
Pages Of the Weekly – The Broken Remotes
The Sound – Paper Route
The Wake up Song – The Submarines
Be The One – The Ting Tings
Crazy for Leaving – Catfish Haven
In Between Song – The Temporary Thing
Sure Can Start – Two Hours Traffic
Won’t Give Up the Fight – The Thin Men

5.16 Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now

Builds And Explodes – Tim Williams
When Will It Happen – Arden Kaywin
My Love in Blue – Tom Hanson
Song We Sang Away – Low vs Diamond
Dreamers – jack savoretti
In Love With a Girl – Gavin DeGraw
Second Chances -Paper Route
Twenty Years – Augustana

5.17 Hate Is Safer Than Love

Don’t Forget Sister – Low vs Diamond (recap; montage)
One More Time – AutoVaughn (Nate’s workout)
In My Arms – Plumb (Haley finds Jamie walking down the street; Brooke waits for news)
Elephants As Big As Whales – PlayRadioPlay! (Haley & Jamie cloud watching; Brooke gets good news about Angie’s operation)
High School Is Such a Serious Thing – Seth McFarlane (Peyton’s ringtone)
News To Me – We Are Castles (Peyton rushes to Haley’s aid)
Run – Gnarls Barkley (First half of game)
Heart Attack – Low vs Diamond (Second half of game)
10 000 Stones – Adrianne (Lucas gets drunk; Jamie’s thank you to Dan; Mouth at work; montage)
Damn (Robotekks Remix)- David Kater (Deb meets Skills at TRIC)
Hallelujah – Kate Voegele (CODA)


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