Episode 6: Catastrophe and the Cure

“Catastrophe and the Cure” (TV-14, LV) (HDTV)
NATHAN FINDS HIMSELF IN DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES/JAMES LAFFERTY DIRECTS THE EPISODE — Dan (Paul Johansson) enlists Julian (Austin Nichols) to help in his search for Nathan. Mouth (Lee Norris) fills Clay (Robert Buckley) in about Nathan (James Lafferty), as Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) explains Nathan’s disappearance to Jamie (Jackson Brundage). Brooke (Sophia Bush) gets an idea of how to bring patrons to an empty Karen’s Café, and Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) confronts Chase (Stephen Colletti) about Tara (guest star Chelsea Kane).. Shantel VanSanten and Lisa Goldstein also star. The episode was written by Roger Grant and directed by James Lafferty (##906).


James is directing this episode:

From an extra on twitter:
I’m on set of #onetreehill and its awesome!! James is directing and much of the cast is here, tyler is singing! Uh-mazing! :-) (Source: OTHForums: sophiaisawesome)

8/25: Karens Cafe and right now they don’t believe they will be doing any filming on Friday at all due to the hurricane. but i know crew said that was still up in the air. James is directing and the scene tonight had Tyler, Sophia, Stephen, Chelsea and Lisa. Joy was on set earlier (Source: OTHforums: Nicoleileen)

8/25 Director James Lafferty w/ assistant director Rick Clark on set surveying the scene at the new Karens Cafe!

8/29 Sophia twitted:

These little nuggets play the Davis-Baker twins. (PIC) Spending today with them on set. #OTHS9

8/29 Robert Buckley twitted:

Let this be a warning to anyone else out there who, like @AUS10NICHOLS, thinks stealing another man’s Pop Tart is a good idea.

From BlackSwan in the filming thread:

rob and shantel will be filming today at a senior citizen’s home. (used for a rehab treatment center).

To which AAG said:


Shantel’s last day of filming until the 14th of September.


Because they gave her two weeks off so she could do events and go to Fashion Week. She has two scenes in the upcoming episodes. So, she doesnt need to be in NC all week for two scenes. (SOURCE: othforums: Sophiaisawesome)

9/01: Tyler Hilton Tweets:
James Lafferty directs this ep we’re working on now. Good man, good director. We’re shooting at a strip club today. Sigh…this job…

9/02: Sophia is filming on location right now. No idea who else/where. Just saw it on twitter. (Source: carolina2@othforums)

9/07: Tyler Hilton Tweets:
Heading to set for an all nighter shoot. There’s gonna be some action I believe. Hope ol Tyler doesn’t hurt himself.

9/07: Apparently Austin, Paul, James and Tyler were spotted. I was thinking James is directing… (source: Jessica01@othforums)