Season 8 Episode 6 Not Afraid

Filming – 9/7-9/14

Press Release – SOPHIA BUSH DIRECTS THE EPISODE — As Halloween approaches in Tree Hill, Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian (Austin Nichols) get an unexpected visitor, and Nathan (James Lafferty) begins a new career. Meanwhile, Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) struggle with life back at the beach house, and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Mia (guest star Kate Voegele) host an open mic night at Tric. Jackson Brundage also stars. The episode was written by John Norris and directed by Sophia Bush (##806).

9/7 –

Filming at George and Sophia directing Tuesday Morning.

Filming at Halloween Shop (credit: OTH_set_jetter@othforums)

9/8 -

Filming at Topsail. We headed out to Topsail to see the shoot at Clay’s – we got there around 10pm and the crew was packing everything up. We spotted one cobweb in the window, but it looked like most of the decorations had already been taken down. (credit: OTH_set_jetter@othforums)

9/9 -

They are filming at the studio now (credit: knh2316@othforums)

9/10 -

Hey girls. im at filming as we speak. james & jackson trick or treating scene and sophia is here directing. Sophia came over and talked and did pics for awhile while they were setting. James & Jackson are shooting and hopefully will come over after the shoot! (credit: TashaVB19@othforums)

Filming friday was the best ive been too. so fun to watch sophia direct. James & Jackson were there, as well as the other little boy Chuck. It was a trick or treating scene. The houses/street/set looked awesome. There were barely any fans there and the shoot went til 1:30AM so most fans left way before, so by the end we really just got to get super close and nobody paid much attention to us haha it was great. Sophia came over alot before filming and then did a few pics at the end as well. she asked that we dont post pics of any filming or jackson and “chuck” in costume, so i wont and for that reason jackson didnt come over but he waved and said hi alot etc James waved and said hi and at the end he walked right by us and said by and left, kinda disappointing he never came over but it was a long night. i have some pics ill post when i get home  :-) (credit: TashaVB19@othforums)

Pictures and video from filming (credit: TashaVB19@othforums) click links below to check it out:

Pictures:  OTHForums

Videos: Video 1 Video 2

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