Season 9 Snippets

- Lydia will be a year or so old in season nine

– Jude and Davis will be like 6-8 months.

– They arent really doing much of a time jump from the season finale to the season nine premier.

– We see more of Brooke/Julian as a couple. Nate/Haley as a couple when they are together.

– We also see Brooke/Julian I wouldnt say struggle with parenthood, but the balance of a career and being parents. We also see how their choice to stay in Tree Hill has been on Julian’s career.

– Mouth/Mille/Chase/Chuck/Skills are in the season

-Dan is back, he is staying at Haley/Nate’s house. This causes some tension between Nate/Haley.

-Nate feels hurt that Haley let him in the house, and is letting him stay there.

-We will see James in a couple of episodes, but, they have Nate going to Europe for the agency because Clay develops a prescription drug problem and needs help.

-Quinn/Clay’s story for the couple of episodes are the whole “Clay has a drug problem and wont get help”

-Julian is having issues finding work/investors.

-Victoria is not happy that Ted (Brooke’s dad) is back and trying to be a part of Brooke’s life. She only sees him coming back because Brooke has a new business.

-We will see Brooke interacting with her father, (We finally get to see the whole Davis family together) Victoria is not happy about it. Brooke sees it as a chance to get to know her father and her dad sees it as a chance to start a new business.

-Chris Keller is back (YES! Do not know if it is Tyler Hilton or not.) he is back to help Haley run Red Bedroom Records.

-Chris Keller interacts with Alex, Chase, Chuck, a girl named Tara, Haley and Brooke.

– There is also going to be a rival Cafe opening up, and that is going to cause some tension between the two cafes. Haley hires Dan to cook there, and people will not eat there.

-The whole Haley “taking” (she doesnt really take Dan’s side, but that is how Nate sees it) really upsets Nate and they fight a lot about it.

-Haley is struggling with her choices, but she sees how happy Jamie is to have his grandfather with them.

-Nate feels as though she is lying to him about everything.

-Also, they are thinking about doing a story line with Jude or Davis being sick, not Lydia because she was not born prematurely. They don’t know if they are gonna do that, they might have it where Julian forgets one of the babies in the car and the police and everything are around the car trying to get the baby out. This causes tension between Brooke and Julian.

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